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Integrating AWS Sagemaker Into Your Corporate Data Pipeline

February 25th, 2021
11:00AM EST
1 Hour

CTO Master Class Series

Join us as CTO, Destine Valine Shows how to use AWS SageMaker with EdgeCore pipelines that process and access all kinds of data. This session will guide you you through connecting to an AWS SageMaker model, taking anomalies identified by the machine learning model, applying data transforms, attaching a visualization, and picking a user-driven action to resolve.

This is a builder-level session demonstrating what it means to bring AI-identified problem visibility to your enterprise.

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Improve Service Desk Efficiency without Rip and Replace Initiatives

March 11th, 2021
11:00AM EST
1 Hour

Are you setting-up agents to be heroes by unifying all your monitoring systems?

For years, data centers have been trying to consolidate and streamline their monitoring and management solution catalog to no avail. As new technologies continue to be developed and deployed at a blistering pace, new specialized tools must monitor and manage those capabilities. As many vendors espouse a rip and replace methodology in the hopes of bringing you an integrated solution, there are always gaps and capabilities that require additional point solutions. That precludes you from being able to get a single unified view of all of your solutions. The result – missed SLA’s, frustrated customers, low ROI’s from your expensive monitoring solutions, and inefficient service desks.

If you manage a service desk or outfit the tech stack, Learn more about how you can make your agents heroes and drive efficiency.

On Demand Webinars

Increase Efficiency with a Single Point of Control

February 17th, 2021
11:00 EST
45 Minutes

Tired of Single-Pane-of-Glass and Dashboarding Solutions that Over Promise and Under Deliver?

So were our customers. Traditional single-pane-of-glass and dashboard solutions require a single data store and have traditionally been developed to provide answers that vendors feel are most important.

edgeCore offers a better way. We refer to it as a Single Point of Control (SPoC). Attendees will see how edgeCore integrates information from your existing business and IT solutions to provide you with real-time actionable dashboards that leverage your existing solutions rather than replace them.

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WEBINAR: Improve Service Desk Efficiency without Rip and Replace Initiatives