Grow and Retain
More Customers

edgeCore™ empowers MSPs to attract and keep customers,

while improving security and services

MSPs are in tight competition to find and keep customers,
and need to manage:

A growing list of different technology needs from each customer.

The mix of key services that help retain customers.

The need to bolster security capabilities to ensure always-on always available service.

Improved Multi-Application Navigation
Time Reduction in Workflows and Processes
Improved New Application Adoption
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Maintain Higher Profitability


Reduction in
IT Costs


Boost in
Operational Efficiency


New Application Adoption

Disconnected Systems
Having to navigate through multiple systems on a daily baasis is effecting work efficiency. Duplicating data entry doesn’t only waste time; it often results in massive errors.
Complicated Workflows
Inefficient processes and procedures and endless documentation are slowing you down. Complicated workflows are the result of disconnected systems as well as confusing user interfaces. You need to be able to find your information when you need it. But how?
Inflexible and Confusing User Interfaceds
One of the main problems with switching between different applications or even with imprementing new ones are the user interfaces. Especially when the users are completely different sectors of yoour organization. The most important part is creating interfaces that every user can understand and easily work in.
Lack of Value to the End-User
What is the point of new applications and systems if the end-user has to do double the work? Time is too precious to be spent on searching for information, trying to understand applications and switching through them. Often times this results in people having to deviate from standard processes that may not meet security standards and can cause mistakes.
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Cloud Migration

Consistent experiences, robust security, and scalable AI and automation are essencial to meet customer needs.

Executive VP

edgeTI Customer

Maximize the value of your current and future digital assets with edgeCore™.

As the first commercially available data mesh platform, edgeCore™ seamlessly integrates with any system empowering MSPs to attract and retain customers by:

Reducing the time it takes to onboard new customers and train new users: boosting productivity, scale and retention

Accelerating the time it takes for MSPs to deploy solutions – including the ability to fold new data sources or apps into edgeCore™ in hours

Boosting security using a real-time visual consistency across all data, including the ability to drill into systems for more information

How to get started?

edgeCore™ extracts information quickly from voluminous datasets making your MSP invaluable to customers looking to find and fix pain points.



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