Achieve 4X Agent Productivity by Leveraging Better AI and Automation Capabilities within Existing Call Center Applications

edgeCore™ enhances agent performance, efficiency and accuracy by responsibly operationalizing AI and automation in your existing call center solutions. edgeCore securely integrates systems and aggregates information to provide real-time human-in-the-loop automation for faster call completions and better customer satisfaction.

Empower Agents to Resolve Issues
Faster and More Accurately

Navigating across multiple systems and various applications bogs down call center productivity and lengthens call resolution times, decreasing customer satisfaction rates.

edgeCore accesses, correlates, and transforms information from multiple systems in real-time to:

Empower agents to work in parallel while edgeCore orchestrates AI and automation activities in the background.

Allow agents to drill deeper into each system, achieving 75% improvement in multi-application navigation.

Drive significant agent productivity that reduces average handling time from 20 minutes to 5-minute average per transaction.

Help agents better leverage automation to achieve 72% improvement in content searches.

Consolidated Customer Service View

A key driver of customer satisfaction is prompt efficient call center interactions. edgeCore puts all agent applications on one screen, in concert with one another, to provide a 360° actionable view of the client and their issue.

As companies add new capabilities and undergo mergers & acquisitions, maintaining a comprehensive 360° view is challenging if not impossible. edgeCore™ allows companies to adapt their agent dashboards quickly to ensure continued customer success even in the most dynamic environments.

Agents are instantly informed and empowered to resolve. The result – Happy customers, faster resolution times, increased agent throughput and increased revenues!

agent pov

edgeCore Delivers:

  • Data-as-a-Product
  • Comprehensive Single Sign–On
  • Secure Data Integration
  • AI/ML Orchestration
  • Advanced Automation
  • Secure Application Proxying
  • No Costly System Migrations

All without creating a new persistent database or collecting data from existing systems.

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