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Business Challenge

Large enterprises and BPO’s struggle with hiring, training, and retaining quality customer service agents. The tasks agents must complete are tedious, repetitive, and error-prone. The nature of the job leads to high attrition which results in lower customer satisfaction.

The issue above is compounded by the fact that the average BPO must apply their business processes across multiple customer application stacks which are comprised of hundreds of secure complex enterprise solutions. Agents spend up to 50% of their time continually training and retraining on all the applications their customers own.

Agents supporting multiple customers can lose as much as 20% of their business day logging into their customers’ applications as they switch between application stacks.

How can BPO’s increase efficiency and improve customer satisfaction?

Billed by headcount or by transaction, the staffing of business outsourcing work is an ongoing challenge with productivity lags, high turnover, lean margins, and ever-increasing training costs. Resourcing new contracts in the face of limited workforce capacity makes it difficult to keep existing customers happy – let alone staffing the new customer you just won.

New styles of remote work and security risks require specific methods of access to business systems that end up making business execution slower and unpredictable. We have seen the impact across customers whether they are focusing on their own operations or providing outsourced services to some of the largest enterprises in the world.

As BPO’s look to improve customer satisfaction Robot Process Automation (RPA) products have produced limited success. RPA tools do a good job replicating manual processes, but they require highly skilled scripting engineers and multiple client-side bots that often require more compute resources than the agent desktops can support. Further, the bots simply mimic the manual clicks an agent would make. When processes are heavily dependent on strict sequential workflows and client-side resources, RPA automation will result in a high error rate and do little to improve agent efficiency and customer satisfaction.

Large enterprise BPO’s need to go beyond RPA and adopt a more comprehensive intelligent automation strategy to achieve their goals. That’s why we redoubled our efforts to create new AI and automation capabilities to securely accelerate work and increase capacity.

Intelligent Automation

BPO’s need reliable ways to automate repetitive tasks to allow their agents to resolve issues quickly and feel good about the job they’re doing for their customers. This leads to higher customer satisfaction and employee retention. Additionally, the application log-in process must be automated to eliminate the significant time lost via manual logins.

As employee retention increases, training costs naturally go down, but the highest reduction in training cost comes from an intelligent automation plan that allows BPO’s to focus their training efforts on customer service techniques rather than detailed tutorials on the use of multiple complex business applications.

Intelligent automation, unlike RPA, does not use screen emulation on client systems to automate agent tasks. Intelligent automation performs integrations securely on the server-side resulting in lower error rates, faster processing times, and detailed exception logs when issues arise.

The result – Agents spend more time interacting with customers, productivity increases, and staff retention goes up.

Intelligent Automation Video

Short Video by edgeTI CTO Scott Lesley

How Edge Works

AI Classification

AI classifiers match work to

Smart Queues

Work of the same type is batched and processed

Web Adapters

Unique intelligent web adapters avoid screen scraping and reduce steps

No Bots

Agents sign-on through their browser to our remote work-ready server

Unified Control and Intelligence Goes Beyond RPA

Using AI, incoming work and needs are classified with natural language processing (NLP) for execution. With the right intent or cause identified, transactions are queued for execution and then processed in mass. Rather than traditional screen emulations, we use patented web adapters and our Remote Work module to reduce clicks and screen paints which crush execution times. Less steps and no scraping also results in greater reliability.

Complete Visibility and Transparency with Native Access

To assure quality work, transactions can be reviewed and verified by operators before being finalized. If anything bounces, the operator can be brought to the native system or source data to review the error.

M&A dashboards

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edgeCore™ in Action

edgeCore™ was recently deployed with a large BPO to solve its invoice processing bottleneck. The result – edgeCore™ reduced the invoice processing time of a sequence of disparate transactions across several application, including ServiceNow and SAP, running in a Citrix environment, that averaged 10 minutes down to 10 seconds while maintaining agent work validation. That’s a 60x decrease in processing time!


How do I customize this to support my branding?

Architected for multi-tenancy from the beginning,  you can add logo, change colors schemes, use custom icons, add other smart-tips to decorate journeys with augmented intelligence — even use custom style sheets. 

What do I need to load on the agent’s workstation?

No software. Agent points their browser at our server which is in the cloud or at your facility. Session and screens are proxied and augmented to your design and workflow, including access to the native tools.

What about securing customer

 When creating visualization data elements can be dropped, marked out. The automation in the server is able to see it and act on it, but the customer data never lands in the agent’s house.   

Can I use this outside of Business Process Outsourcing?

Yes. This same technology is highly composable and used in mission critical environments like crisis centers, IT service desks, logistics operations, job scheduling, service orchestration and automation (SOAP), and security orchestration, automation and response (SOAR).

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