Increase Profitability, Customer Satisfaction, SLA Attainment and Customer Retention

Increase Agent Productivity 4X with edgeCore™

Traditional solutions like Robot Process Automation (RPA) require the installation of bots or agents installed in the client environment to automate. Unfortunately, for security reasons, most clients are reticent to allow that.

Whether accessed via the web, or through a Virtual Desktop Interface (VDI), edgeCore accesses, correlates, and transforms information from multiple systems in real-time to deliver significant ROI without any client–side software:


Increase in
Customer Satisfaction


Reduction in
Task Processing Time


Reduction in 
Repetitive Actions

Automation Across Internal and Client Applications

With edgeCore, agents bring data from multiple sources together, whether BI or VDI platforms, into a single pane of glass. edgeCore also facilitates automation out of the box.

edgeCore™ Delivers:

  • Data-as-a-Product
  • Comprehensive Single Sign–On
  • Secure Data Integration
  • AI/ML Orchestration
  • Advanced Automation
  • Secure Application Proxying
  • No Costly System Migrations

edgeCore Solves BPOs Toughest Automation Challenges

BPOs need to leverage automation to drive productivity improvement, enhance customer satisfaction, drive revenue as well as profitability. RPA solutions only go so far.

edgeCore can take you to the next level:


No software or application needs to be installed within the client environment.


No data replication, transfer, or storage outside the client environment.


Automation in the background. Agents don’t have to watch bots perform tasks.

edgeCore is the only solution I’ve seen that allows automation between internal and customer systems, even when VDI solutions are in play, improving accuracy, productivity and bring value to customers.

Kumar Viswanathan

Former Managing Director, Accenture

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