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Edge Total Intelligence (TSXV:CTRL) delivers increased operational resilience, agility, and efficiency to global enterprises, service providers, and government agencies through its low-code rapid development software, edgeCore™. Like an intelligent remote CTRL, customers compose operations with our platform to meet the unique needs of evolving business situations and their people.


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A Great Investment

Investing in edgeTI is a rare opportunity to hold an early-position in a unique disruptive firm in the rapidly growing, multi-billion dollar market for Real-Time Digital Operations.

Market for Digital Operations

According to IDC Statista, Digital Transformation, the adoption of digital technology to transform business processes and services from non-digital to digital, is expected to reach US$1.8 trillion globally in 2022 and grow to US$2.8 trillion by 2025, a ~12% compound annual growth rate (CAGR), significantly higher than global GDP growth. The study indicated Digital Transformation encompasses, among others, moving data to the cloud, using technological devices and tools for communication and collaboration, as well as automating processes. Overall, utilizing technologies for Digital Transformation render organizations more agile in responding to changing markets and enhance innovation, thereby making them more resilient.

While the Digital Transformation market is well-established, multiple studies reviewed by the Company suggest that the COVID-19 pandemic shifted the approach organizations are taking to accelerate progress and achieve success by focusing rapid development efforts at a single business function like finance or at a complex issue across business units. The Company believes that such a shift in approach will favor edgeCore’s “low-code” capabilities that enable tech savvy workers outside of traditional IT to create meaningful experiences for all participants (aka Digital Operations).    

451 Research Stresses the Importance of Experience to Deliver Digital Success

edgeTI recently spoke with Sheryl Kingstone, Head of Customer Experience & Commerce for 451 Research (a part of S&P Global Market Intelligence). In this Q&A session, Ms. Kingstone discusses why “experience” is essential to Digital Transformation and the new ways of working. Specifically, she answers the following questions about why organizations struggle with Digital Transformation and what these organizations can do to increase success.

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edgeTI Presented at the Q1 2022 Virtual Investor Summit

edgeTI CEO and Chair, James Barrett presented on March 8, 2022, and hosted investor meetings throughout the conference. 

Learn more about edgeTI’s market, customers, capabilities, and future plans in this presentation that was recorded live.


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