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We build software that puts digital innovations like AI, intelligent automation, generative AI, and quantum technology into operations so organizations can see what’s happening, make better decisions, and take immediate action.

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A Digital Twin of an Organization (DTO) helps any company or industry understand what’s happening and optimize its performance thru meaningful views of its operations. A DTO brings data and controls together in real-time and combines them into a single, unified experience that allows people to See, Decide, and Act with speed and confidence. DTOs are great at scaling digital innovations like AI and automation and simulating options.

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What We Do in 34 Seconds

We're Primed for Growth

Assist Customer Transformation Initiatives in AI and Automation, Like Operational Excellence, Decision Intelligence, Digital Business, and Enterprise Performance Management.

  • Invest in sales and marketing to increase and manage pipeline
  • Introduce new products to make it easier for customers to adopt edgeTI
  • Secure more SI/OEM partnerships to add delivery scale and domain expertise
  • Integrate with more AI technologies to increase success and customer value