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with edgeTI!

Moving data to break down silos rarely works.

The edgeCore™ Data Mesh leaves data products in their original systems and transform those systems into data–as–a–product, integration ready repositories accessible to everyone in the organization.

Actionable Data at the Speed of Relevance

Trusted by the Largest Global Enterprises

Fragmented and Inaccessible Data
Stifles Profits and Productivity


office users spend more time searching for files than on completing work.


It takes up to a week to prepare data for revenue-impacting decisions.


productivity issues stem from too many knowledge sources to sift through.

Do You Have Everything You Need, When You Need it,
On One Screen?

Only edgeCore empowers users to unlock actionable insights specific to their lines of business, driving profits and efficiency from all data sources – regardless of who owns and manages the data set.

edgeCore™ Delivers:

  • Data-as-a-Product
  • Comprehensive Single Sign–On
  • Secure Data Integration
  • AI/ML Orchestration
  • Advanced Automation
  • Secure Application Proxying
  • No Costly System Migrations
How edgeTI Works

How We Help
You Achieve
the Impossible!

edgeCore™ creates a single point of control for Managed Service Providers, Enterprise, Banking, Telecommunications, Managed Security Service Providers, Network Operation Centers, Security Operation Centers, AIOPs, and Financial Operations.

Unified Intelligence
& Control

edgeTI provides a Single Point of Control Platform that enriches the usefulness of existing data and systems such as RPA, BI, ERP, ITSM, CRM, and BPM and delivers real-time, secure, connected, role-based data aggregation, digital process orchestration, and information visualization
– helping enterprises experience significantly improved returns.

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