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The proven technology in use provides real-time situational awareness in some of the most secure organizations in the world.



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Modernize Federal IT

Modernize Federal IT is delivered by the edgeCore™ Total Intelligence Platform. This demonstration focuses on expanding the ability to utilize cutting edge advancements in monitoring and alerting to provide analytics of inventory, topology, device metrics, faults, flow, and packet analysis that will be both comprehensive and scalable for Traditional, Mobile, Cloud, and Software Defined Networks in a Single Point of Control.

Through the video, you will see how the edgeCore™ platform is able to use its out-of-the-box integrations with many of the leading monitoring tools like BMC, ServiceNow, Jira, Splunk, ScienceLogic, SolarWinds, etc. Our Single Point of Control capability establishes a secure, consistent user interface regardless of the underlying monitoring solutions now and in the future. The result – a future-proofed operational architecture regardless of what solutions you introduce or sunset.

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Government Segments

National Governments

Driving clarity and coordination between government operations to include automation in both augmented and unattended forms

Government Systems Integrators

Working with the world’s largest integrators we understand their greatest risks.


Military Command, Joint Forces. edgeCore™ has distinguished itself in its ability to address multiple information types and have them make sense to those who need to act and decide next steps.

Human Services

Health, Welfare, Housing, Support. Whether it is visualizing infection rates and correlating these to case work, landing these geographically is a huge assistance to first responders and those managing operations.

Regional Government

State, Province, County, City. Improving visibility into any area by fusing data from multiple systems into cohesive contextual views that show what is going on right now and what might be future issues.

Emergency Services

e911, Crisis Coordination, Emergency Management. edgeTI has a unique Connected Intelligence platform for Crisis Event Management, disaster response, and end-to-end emergency communication.

Government agencies, from civilian to defense and intel, struggle to achieve Information Advantage. In this ever-changing world where systems and information are changing at lightspeed, agencies need to have a way to rapidly compose secure applications to meet their mission objectives. edgeCore™ requires no new data warehouses, data lakes, or proprietary data storage. By leveraging agencies existing secure ATO’d solutions, edgeCore™ allows agencies to deploy new actionable dashboards in a fraction of the time required by traditional integration solutions – typically in weeks.

M&A dashboards

Learn how the edgeCore™ Platform Enables PED, Reduces Manpower Requirements, & Delivers High-Value, Decision-Ready Data for Dissemination

Manpower Savings with edgeCore™

The increase in the use of intelligence, surveillance, and reconnaissance (ISR) systems over the past decade has created a significant increase of raw collection data available to the DoD and the Intelligence Community. Unfortunately, this surplus of data has also made it increasingly difficult to conduct efficient processing and analysis to produce timely combat information and actionable intelligence. Within the DoD, this problem has sparked changes to intelligence-related force structure, development of new complex information systems, and other advancements, specifically in intelligence processing, exploitation, and dissemination.

edgeCore™ Provides a Distinctive Path to... Total Intelligence

edgeTI Comparison

Defense & edgeCore™

Military Command
& Joint Forces

Defense and military organizations are challenged by ever-broadening threats from technology, cyber, to now even space while maintaining the readiness of officers and members. Working with government oversight and contractors pose additional challenges and complexity.

In multiple situations form technology to command to strategic initiatives, edgeCore™ has distinguished itself in its ability to address multiple information types and have them make sense to those who need to act and decide next steps.


Is edgeCore™ FedRAMP approved?

FedRAMP is required for Cloud Service Providers (CSP) who have a Cloud Service Offering (CSO) that is being used by the federal government. edgeTI is not a CSP and edgeCore™ is not a CSO. edgeCore™ is an installed application that can be installed on premise or on a customer’s cloud environment. As such, edgeCore™ does not require FedRAMP approval to run on an agency’s FedRAMP approved cloud environment.

What do I need to load on the user’s workstation?

No software. Users point their secure browser at our server which is in the cloud or at your facility. Session and screens are proxied and augmented to your design and workflow, including access to the native tools.

Is edgeCore™ approved on secure government networks?

Yes. edgeCore™ has obtained Authorizations to Operate (ATO) NPIRNet, SPIRNet, JWICS, and DREN.

How does edgeCore™ secure Agency data?

edgeCore™ does not store any data by default. All integrations are done in memory server-side. All data is stored in the native ATO’ed applications. This lack of a persistent datastore is one of reasons edgeCore™ apps can be fielded in weeks in some of the most secure government organizations.

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