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At edgeTI, we provide best-of-breed products and services for our customers—and to and through a variety of trusted technology partners. edgeTI provides solutions to OEMs, software developers and technology manufacturers that need to develop or enhance the data integration and visualization capabilities of their existing products or services.

edgeTI also works extensively with systems integrators, vendors or consultants tasked with combining component subsystems into a working information management system that enables users to visualize, integrate, share, and interact with targeted information securely.

edgeTI products, software toolkits and professional services can help you achieve your data visualization and data integration efforts more quickly and cost-effectively than via in-house development initiatives.

Implementation and Reseller Partners

edgeTI also partners with Systems Integrators to deliver innovative data integration and data visualization solutions to some of the most information intensive environments in the world. edgeTI partners include:

Technology Partners

Our Technology Partners are industry leaders from around the world. These partnerships ensure that our customers receive the most in-depth knowledge and experience available. edgeTI partners with these market leaders specifically to provide customers with the deepest levels of integration into the products that are most likely already in place and already providing mission-critical information. edgeTI partners include:

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