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Make a Digital Twin of Your Organization

Achieve the Impossible, Today!

Digital Twins are adaptive models that predict, portray, and control how an organization:

  • Works & performs

  • Consumes & deploys resources

  • Delivers customer value & experience

Move at the Speed of Relevance
with a Single Pane of Glass:

  • See Operations and interdependencies

  • Deside the best moves, exploring options

  • Act quickly and efficiently, validate outcomes

A Digital Twin puts you and your teams at the center of operations to explore, collaborate, and execute.

Anatomy of the edgeCore Digital Twin

edgeCore™ Connects Your Data and Apps with Ease to Create the Most Effective Digital Twin of Your Enterprise

  • See operations in context to build consensus and teamwork.

  • Make better decisions driven by insights and guidance.

  • Act with increased efficiency and greater productivity leveraging assisted and delegated automation.

  • Address the unique needs of your enterprise from cross-functional transformation efforts to new revenue initiatives. 

  • Achieve the capability to get to functional prototypes quickly in a secure model that scales to embrace changes.

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