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AGM Meeting Information

Shareholders and Proxies

You can vote your shares in many ways, but there are deadlines, so please look closely at mailing, facsimile, and designating proxies. If you have not received a package, you will want to review the materials posted here on the web and on SEDAR plus. To vote, you will need a control or meeting number. If you do not have a control number or package you will need to take the following actions.
1) Contact  with your contact information. I will make sure you have the right information to contact TSX Trust as a shareholder.
2) Register by completing online form TSX Trust – Control Number for Voting Request or email it to +TSX TIS < .
Meeting Date: August 23, 2023
Once you have a control number, you can vote in advance and join the meeting.
Any questions? Please contact me at
Nicholas Brigman
edgeTI, VP of Investor Relations