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Get The Most Out Of Your Free Evaluation Instance

Your 30-day free Edge Evaluation instance comes equipped with:

  • A free Splunk instance, useful for testing Edge integration and automating tasks
  • A support ticketing system, similar to the one used in Operation centers
  • Prometheus metrics so that you can monitor and respond to system events in Edge
  • Email so that you can access, send, and automate your emails
  • A set of dashboards and visualizations that demonstrate some of our key features, which you can modify to get to know your way around Edge
  • Extensions that enable you to integrate some of the most popular web apps with Edge
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Get Started In 3 Easy Steps

1. Create Connections

Edge lets you access data from external sources such as files, databases, web services, third-party connectors, and custom commands. In the data pipeline, you will define a connection to the outside data, define associations between different data source entities, and configure other properties such as polling and caching. The data connection that you create will enable you to build a data pipeline that you can use to create visualizations.

 2. Create Feeds & Get Data into Shape

After you have added a connection, continue by creating a feed. Based on your connection, you can create different types of feeds. From there, by using transforms such as Filter, SQL, JavaScript, and For Each to name a few, you will enrich the data and get it into the right shape before it is passed to the visualization.


3. Visualize Your Data

Once your data is ready, you can proceed to organize and present it clearly and effectively. Edge enables you to visualize your data any way you want with a plethora of visualizations – from tables and charts to heatmaps and flow diagrams. Visualizations with numerous options will help you and your team understand data better.