There is no shortage of Cybersecurity tools, but there is a shortage of full visibility

Companies invest heavily in cybersecurity tools but still lack visibility of business impact threats and attacks cause.

Achieve the Impossible and Understand the True Impacts of an Attack by using edgeCore Data Mesh to connect the dots.

edgeCore Data Mesh delivers:

  • Data-as-a-Product
  • Comprehensive Single Sign–On
  • Secure Data Integration
  • AI/ML Orchestration
  • Advanced Automation
  • Secure Application Proxying
  • No Costly System Migrations

All without creating a new persistent database or collecting data from existing systems.

MDR Moving Dots

Achieve True Cyber Resiliency with
edgeCore Security Hub

Empowering security providers at any tier with independence from a single SIEM tool, SOAR tool, or from being held hostage to the costs of these tools.

Improve Your Resilience to Ransomware

Improve Your Resilience to Ransomware

Time is of the essence and navigating disparate systems during a Ransomware attack burns time and stifles visibility. edgeCore unites insights from silos and your existing cyber-tools to quickly reveal the impact of ransomware attacks to your business and help reveal the information that directs people to solve the issues faster.

Improve Insider Threat Protection

Improve Insider Threat Protection

Identifying an insider threat requires insights from multiple systems. Once identified, IT teams struggle to determine the impacts in time. edgeCore crosses silos and systems to increase the speed to visibility of all potential threats by leveraging your existing threat detection tools.

Managed Detection & Response

Managed Detection & Response

Wouldn't you rather get more revenue and your customer ultimately spend half as much for a complete solution if you could just use the SIEM tools that they had in place. Streamline your security tools. Stop wasting engineering resources building integrations to tools. edgeCore Composable Experiences let you easily integrate different security tools, like SIEM solutions, to make your MDR solution better.

Start Maximizing the Value of Your Current and Future Digital Assets with edgeCore™.

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