Rapid Responsible AI Integration
to Your Existing Enterprise Solutions

ChatGPT/ServiceNow Secure Bi-Directional Integration – in Hours

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Rapid Integration of ChatGPT Capabilities with Installed Enterprise Solutions Accelerates and Improves Interaction and Performance

We know that you are already familiar with ChatGPT’s use on the internet, but think about all the possibilities by leveraging edgeCore’s secure integration capabilities, ChatGPT can access secure data repositories as well as public sources.

When you combine edgeCore’s ability to write back to applications and data stores. ChatGPT, or any generative AI algorithm, can find the right answer and edgeCore can propagate that knowledge in the appropriate format to multiple applications automatically.

Delivering the Future

Every industry is talking about the amazing features of Generative AI.

We are pleased to announce that we have integrated Generative AI into the edgeCore to provide you with a more efficient and effective communication experience.

Imagine having the ability to integrate Generative AI, the way you want it, in all your enterprise applications, in minutes without the need to modify any of the tools and programs you are already using.

Generative AI is an advanced AI language model that can help you with a wide range of tasks, such as answering questions, generating ideas, and providing recommendations.

With edgeCore, you can now introduce the power of Generative AI to any of your enterprise applications without making any changes to the applications. Obtain real-time insights based on information within one or multiple applications, store the result on one or more solutions, and take immediate action based on the knowledge gleaned from Generative AI.