Go Beyond Resilient Supply Chain Management: Future-Proofed and Cost Effective

edgeCore™ provides detailed, data-driven insights that balance cost efficiency with unparalleled resilience.

Ingredients for Better Outcomes

Increasing resilience in global supply chain management is a priority for most leaders seeking to grow revenue despite turbulent global conflicts, tricky economic challenges, and a scarcity of goods and resources.

According to Gartner, effective supply chain management strategies will need to anticipate potential disruptions as part of the “new normal going forward.”

There is also fear that prioritizing resilience will increase operating costs, forcing supply chain leaders to make difficult trade-offs.

On Demand Real-Time Insights

More than real-time visibility across all silos, without creating a data store or combining data from multiple sources, edgeCore™ bolsters management by providing actionable insights across your ever-changing supply chain.
We make it easy, simple and quick to extract information and achieve a deep understanding of all the aspects required for resilient and effective supply chains.


Speed Up




Get Work Done

edgeCore illuminates all existing and potential supply chain pain points, offering potential solutions that remove guessing games. This slashes the time spent on manual tasks, empowering leaders with the real-time data they need to make tough budget decisions.

Create visibility in critical conditions:

Coordinated operations deliver the information required for gaining deep insights and visibility into the most complex operations. And edgeCore does this in real-time, and at scale.

Increase collaboration with key stakeholders:

Don’t just get observability and understanding into the overall picture, with edgeCore you can also easily drill down into any single system or component to gain valuable and specific information about key resources.

Prepare for volatility in supply and demand caused by disruptions:

By leveraging edgeCore’s quick and easy ability to incorporate new data sources, supply chain agility is enhanced by including new and alternative providers regardless of their specific maturity levels.

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