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4.3.7 & 4.3.8

Learn About edgeCore’s Newest Features and What they Mean to You!

Each product release is enriched with new functionalities and improvements to existing features. 

The latest 4.3.7 and 4.3.8 versions of edgeCore™, released in May and June 2021, added many new capabilities and enhancements.

Among the top features covered in this webinar are the ability to run multiple edgeCore™ instances from a shared configuration database, major enhancements to the HTML template, security, pages, and visualizations, to name just a few. These features and updates will contribute in various ways. 

          • Business leaders and employees will be able to conduct data analysis with greater ease thanks to a new Time Series Transform

          • Pipelines that bring lots of sources together, pipeline elements can now be tagged and searched to find important attributes across stages. Tagging and searching accelerate the build process and make finding important stages easier to locate when maintaining and tuning.

          • Lastly, customers pursuing expansion to multiple use cases are now able to share a common config database to facilitate reuse and economize the use of resources.

Learn About edgeCore’s Newest Features and What they Mean to You!

          • Resellers

          • Business Partners

          • Current Customers and Users

          • Members of the edgeCore™ platform community

          • System Owners of edgeCore™

          • Enterprise Architects

          • Developers

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