Augment Your Data Pipeline:
How Context-On-Demand
Drives Insight and Action

Learn about the features of edgeCore’s built-in “for-each” transform

In this MasterClass, we will explore edgeCore’s built-in “for-each” transform. This transform allows you to loop through an in-pipeline dataset, using values from each record to augment the dataset. The augmented record set continues within the pipeline and is usable in visualizations and user-driven actions.

      • Save compute resources by allowing simple record sources, such as event queues, to pre-process and eliminate unneeded API calls/data searches

      • Increase CX satisfaction by allowing records to go through a screening process and validating them against business process engines ensuring the most current information is available

      • Increase innovation by allowing integration to AI decisions

      • Use the augmentation process to fuse dynamic workflow into edgeCore™

When data is visualized, presented, and made actionable in context, people are empowered to take decisive actions which increase profits, reduce costs and improve customer experience.

“edgeCore delivers what we’ve been trying to find for the past three or four years.” 
President of Operations Delivery, Consulting Company

WOD - Augment Your Data Pipeline

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