Webinar Demonstration December 19, 2023:

edgeCore™ for
for Unified Service Desk

Service Desk Agents and Managers need instant context to come beside inbound customers and employees that may have supplied why they are engaging. In most cases, omnichannel and COVID have disrupted the pathways to having any idea of what someone wants as they arrive at the door, on a website, or phone.
Today’s modern contact centers are a myriad of technologies and tools that deal with communications, business systems, and a whole bunch of call monitoring and teaching aids. Not that different from food services and hospitality, contact centers share continual turnover and onboarding. All these tools marginally signal context, which leads to poor starts and subsequent low satisfaction and customer churn. To the agent, it is like lighting a fuse with one foot in cement. It does not make sense to have all this technology producing so little value and placing agents at a disadvantage.
We get it. edgeCore has been creating context between technologies for service providers and emergency command center operations for years. We know how to connect rare interfaces with modern technology so that the needs of 100 divisions and 8M+ citizens arrive with context, achieve more rapid resolution, and get ahead of situations that turn into Sev1 incidents.
Context is waiting to be used. Putting it to use is as simple as connecting your CRM, Business Systems, Communications Monitoring, Knowledgebases, and Call Control. With edgeTI’s SinglePoint of Control which visualizes multiple systems on a single pane of glass and assists agents in automating, complex tasks that typically were done by L3 and L4 technicians are executed in moments.

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“Before edgeCore, our people would move from system to system, entering and moving data between systems. What took a single person 12 minutes on average to execute and validate dropped to 30 seconds – all because Edge helped us create a Single Point of Control”

Managing Director
Global Business Processing Outsourcer

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