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Indiana 5G Zone and edgeTI team to rapidly advance 5G Innovation

By on November 19th, 2020


Indiana 5G Zone and edgeTI are excited to announce a groundbreaking partnership to rapidly enable practical 5G research that leads to deployed solutions that offer tangible value for businesses and communities alike. The Indiana 5G Zone will leverage edgeTIs’ digital transformation solution, edgeCore™, to help its members in government, industry, and academia reduce the time to value associated with 5G adoption by securely integrating, visualizing, and actioning the wide variety of technology, applications, and data that are key
and surround 5G solutions.

“5G offers faster speeds, lower latency, increased security, and prioritized traffic in this new age of
artificial intelligence, augmented reality, and internet of things,” said Jim Barrett, CEO of Edge
Total Intelligence, Inc. “Historically, organizations have often struggled to rapidly integrate new technologies
into existing business processes to obtain immediate tangible ROI’s. We are excited to be teaming with
the Indiana 5G Zone to do just that.”

Whether organizations are developing Smart Cities, Digital Agriculture, Advanced Manufacturing, or
deploying advanced first responder services, 5G will play a major role. As industry and researchers test
and prototype revolutionary 5G solutions, they need a proven way to visualize their results and
integrate those solutions with existing business systems to demonstrate and measure value. edgeCore is
the platform the Indiana 5G Zone will use to rapidly evaluate these groundbreaking innovations.

“Imagine you are an academic researcher working on new telemetry systems to combat COVID-19, a city
planner trying to leverage 5G for a widespread IOT deployment, an educator working on content rich
learning solutions for underserved students, or a government innovator trying to protect in theater
troops with real-time secure access to advanced intelligence information. As quickly as you develop your
prototype, you can integrate and visualize your results with existing business applications. This is Digital
Transformation and the new 5G speed of innovation,” remarked Sean Hendrix, Managing Director of the
Indiana 5G Zone. “The edgeCore solution will not only help us facilitate advanced 5G research, it will
also help us and our members rapidly deliver 5G solutions that improve society.”

About Edge Total Intelligence, Inc.
edgeTI, the foremost expert in visualizing operations for direct action, organizations to see
what is happening and quickly take the best actions. When employed with existing and evolving business
and IT systems, the software strengthens performance and agility while reducing errors. For every
solution, teams and systems come together for accelerated digital transformation.

About Indiana 5G Zone
5G Zone is a cross-sector demonstration laboratory to help government, industry and academia,
design and deliver groundbreaking testbed offerings.

About NineTwelve Institute
NineTwelve, the parent of the Indiana 5G Zone, teams industry, government, and academia to
meet critical technology needs. Its unique CoLab platform accelerates the design and
implementation of emergent solutions. It does this by creating cross-sector collaborative
networks that design and deliver groundbreaking solutions.

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