Improve Efficiency with a
Single Point of Control

Are you Tired of Single-Pane-of-Glass and Dashboarding Solutions that Over Promise and Under Deliver?

So were our customers before they engaged edgeCore™. 

Traditional single-pane-of-glass and dashboard solutions require a single data store and have traditionally been developed to provide answers that vendors feel are most important. Unfortunately, what your business needs very rarely conforms exactly to what vendors have designed. Further, these solutions often require significant time, effort, and investments to get all your data into a new data lake, or you’re required do you perform an expensive rip-and-replace effort with one or more of your current management solutions in order to consolidate your data.

edgeCore offers a better way. We refer to it as a Single Point of Control (SPoC). edgeCore integrates information from your existing business and IT solutions to provide you with real-time actionable dashboards that leverage your existing solutions rather than replace them. Secure data integration is accomplished in real-time and displayed via a web browser requiring no client-side plug-ins. The result – rapid time to value, increased ROI from your existing solutions, and the information you need, the way you need it, in order for you to make real-time business decisions.

“Before edgeCore, our people would move from system to system, entering and moving data between systems. What took a single person 12 minutes on average to execute and validate dropped to 30 seconds – all because Edge helped us create a Single Point of Control” 

Managing Director of Global Business
Processing Outsourcer


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