Webinar Demonstration september 1, 2022:

edgeCore™ for Accelerating ROI
& De-risking Digital Transformation

Whoever is leading the charge, Chief [Data |Digital | Information | Technology | Strategy] Officer, businesses and organizations need to accelerate returns and digitally transform to profitably move at the new speed and blended experiences of Digital.

Combinations of technology and weak connections between systems are the enemy of digital progress and generating valuable returns. Pilot projects linger longer than they should and few organizations lack a way to manage Digital Transformation ideas and rapidly determine winners from losers. Beyond the business impacts of more than 60% of initiatives missing their goals and dates, the people behind it take the real tool and they are in high demand. You need a clear and fast way to test ideas and gain success.

Long before digital was digital, edgeTI tackled the disconnects that appeared in social, mobile, cloud, and big data innovations. Helping pioneers of these innovations, Edge capabilities were applied to help US Army’s PEO Soldier crush 83% of the inefficiency out program reviews. In a recent case with the 5G zone, innovators prototype real ideas for digital cities, agriculture, and logistics in labs in Indianapolis, Puerto Rico, and Hawaii in moments over and over.

Changing your digital success rate and accelerating ROI is really quite simple. Install EdgeTI’s solution, connect the systems, baseline the current state, link systems actions and screens for observability and decision making, and then automate. Transparency and rapidly dispelling and proving ideas may not improve success rates, but getting to yes and no are faster and a lot less expensive.

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“Before edgeCore, our people would move from system to system, entering and moving data between systems. What took a single person 12 minutes on average to execute and validate dropped to 30 seconds – all because Edge helped us create a Single Point of Control”

Managing Director
Global Business Processing Outsourcer

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