Applying Actions from
AI Insights (Part II)

Are you able to take action with the
outputs of your AI? Most people need
some level of storytelling or illustration
to make sense of the numbers or
delivered results.

CTO MASTER CLASS: AI and edgeCore™

In the first part of this series, we dove into the importance of anomalies to your organization. Also, we learned how to surface those anomalies to your personnel. Through AWS SageMaker, Amazon’s cloud-based artificial intelligence and machine learning platform, we trained a model, plumbed our corporate pipeline with views of the data, and surfaced incoming anomalies in real-time. We adjusted the threshold and, as a result, presented only our highest-valued targets to the user.

Join us on March 18 as Destin Valine walks you through real-world examples with demonstrable ROI during this informative 30-minute session.

“Identifying the data is half the battle. Once we find the incidents that require our action, taking the appropriate action is of paramount importance. Watch as we add operator-driven actions from AI-augmented observations to intelligence. We then pass the pair (anomaly + solution) back to another model that will eventually learn the right thing to do at the right time.”
Destin Valine, edgeTI

CTO MASTER CLASS: AI and edgeCore™

Technical Decision Makers, Senior Software Developers, Software Architects, Machine Learning Practitioners

WOD - Applying Actions from AI Insights (Part II)

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