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edgeCore™ Product Updates: New Features & Functions

By on July 26th, 2021

edgeCore Product Update

In the last two releases (edgeCore 4.3.7 and 4.3.8), we launched new functionalities and introduced various improvements to help you achieve better results.

Let’s take a look at the edgeCore™ updates you will not want to miss.

Introducing the edgeCore Time Series Transform

What do server performance, temperature, and stock market prices have in common? In all three cases, we have data, that is, measurements and time when the measurements are recorded. 
When you have lots of data, you can compare and see how data changed over time. For example, you might want to compare minimum and maximum temperatures during a year. That’s where the time series transform comes in handy.

Why you should take advantage of the time series:

  ✅ Firstly, you will better understand how data and processes change over time.
  ✅ Secondly, the time series transform will help you detect anomalies and emerging trends.
  ✅ Thirdly, you will be able to make predictions on future data values.

Uploading Files in the UI

You no longer need to access the server to upload files to feeds. Now you can do so straight from the user interface when configuring the feed.

uploading files

Accessing and Downloading Logs in the UI

To speed up the troubleshooting process, you can easily access, view, and download the contents of all log files from the user interface.

Editing Custom Theme’s CSS in the UI

We’ve streamlined the process of customizing a theme to save you time. Now you can modify the theme’s CSS directly in the user interface and apply the change immediately.

edit custom theme's CSS in the UI

Searching All Node Types in the Pipeline

We have enhanced our search capability to bring more power to the pipeline and help you quickly find any node type based on a tag.

search all node types in the pipeline

edgeCore Bookmarking Pages

Do you have a favorite page or a list of pages you want to quickly revisit at any time? We’ve made it easy for you to bookmark pages in one click.

bookmarking pages

HTML Template Enhancements

Let’s see what you can do with the enriched HTML template.

💡You can run server actions directly from the template by just inserting a code snippet.

HTML template server action code snippet

💡You are able to reference edgeCore™’s color, font, and icon rules. By making use of this capability, you will reduce configuration errors, increase maintainability, and avoid duplication of work.

HTML template referencing rules

Highlighting the Current Page

The name of the page you are currently on is now bold and italic so that you can clearly identify this page. In addition, if you are using a custom theme, you can even highlight this page in a specific color when you edit the theme’s CSS.

Want to see edgeCore 4.3.7 and 4.3.8 features in actions? Register and watch our recorded webinar

Stay tuned for more product updates to come.

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