Build vs. Buy. Is this really the right question?

Build vs Buy - blog by Nicholas Brigman

Yes and No. If the meanings are not defined ahead of time as to what constitutes build versus buy, you could be arguing the same position. Another common derailment is the scope of the decision. Are you making your build vs. buy choice about an entire system (like a forest) or a component (tree)? Taking […]

Finding Balance Between Low Code & Security Policy

Low Code

The world is learning to live with COVID. Things are coming back to normal. Well, not really.  “A competitor just got taken for $8 Million in ransomware. You just won executive approval to really get moving on your digital strategy and you can’t land the talent you need. Inside LinkedIn, reviewing your feed, one company […]

edgeCore™ Product Updates: New Features & Functions

edgeCore Product Update

In the last two releases (edgeCore 4.3.7 and 4.3.8), we launched new functionalities and introduced various improvements to help you achieve better results. Let’s take a look at the edgeCore™ updates you will not want to miss. Introducing the edgeCore Time Series Transform What do server performance, temperature, and stock market prices have in common? In all […]

Microsoft Teams Visualizing Complexity to Coordinate Action

Microsoft Teams

It’s 3 AM EDTManagers and stakeholders flood into Microsoft Teams from a range of time zones. The latest critical business situation threatens to tank the quarter, if not the company. Each person responsible for a set of operations, a process, or a piece of infrastructure is present. In turn, they express their allusions and speculations […]

Call Center Automation:

Call Center Demoo

It’s Not A Single Pane Until It Includes Call Control The world of call center management leans heavily on data. From the managers’ perspectives, the interest is in metrics and KPIs. From the operators’ perspective, the data needs to revolve around the mission of serving the connected customer. I’m going to assume that you’ve chosen […]

From Avoidable Fees to Decommissioned Servers, it’s Time to Clean Up Your Jobs

Job Scheduling Webinar

Read time: 3 minutes. Spotify. YouTube TV. Business Insider. Acorns. ESPN+. Disney+. Xbox Live. Google Cloud storage. Amazon Prime. Strava. What else am I missing? There must be others… Uh oh…Audible and HBO Max. When COVID-19 hit, these services seemed like a good idea. I used them for the first few weeks of quarantine and […]

Human-Assisted AI


How to Build Assisted AI to Survive and Thrive with People In my last article, I discussed the importance of identifying anomalies. Identifying that something doesn’t fit within expectations of an organization is the first step. Figuring out what to do with that information is next. Human-Assisted AI moves the conversation from “So what?” to […]

Equipping Service Desk Agents to be Heroes

Read time: 3 minutes.  Being a Service Desk Agent is Not Easy Do you remember when you called into a service desk and based on the extension or number you knew exactly who you were talking to? You knew what applications they had and the hardware in front of them? Well, you might not. This […]

The Power of the Anomaly


Read time: 4 minutes. When sifting through tons of data, finding the parts that don’t fit a pattern is valuable. The emotion-centered brain wants to see fields of green lights, but businesses thrive and survive from finding the yellows and reds. Value-based data analysis is Where’s Waldo? The faster you spot your striped anomaly, the […]

How to “Get a Handle” on Your Digital Transformation Toolbox (Part 2)

person drawing

The Four Things You’ll Need in Your Innovation Lab Your Digital Transformation Toolbox In our opening to this Digital Transformation series, we talked about the rise of Innovation Labs and the 4 Inhibitors to Innovation. One of these inhibitors was to keep things open – use open source during the proof phases of an idea. […]