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What You See Is Where You Wanted It

By on June 25th, 2020


An improvement over WYSIWYG

(What You See Is What You Get)

As many businesses have increased their digital activity, many of us are inundated by a nonstop flow of information (Yes, I realize that this message is part of the nonstop flow). After examining the data and considering the actions of others in the industry, edgeTI is changing up the way we communicate to our followers, subscribers, and customers in order to give each person more control over what they see, where they see it, and how often. I also wanted to introduce you to a new program that follows our new approach to communication. Hopefully, these shifts will meet your desired experience by setting expectations and giving you more control; a characteristic of our edgeCore platform.

Multi-Track Webinar Series

We have launched an ongoing webinar series that has three tracks with special showcase events for customer, partners, and software publishers:

o  Driving Results for Business & IT Leader’s Track – For leaders, this series looks at the business side and value created when the right information is presented clearly and workers are equipped to take action, intelligently.

o  Scaling Success for Architect’s & System Integrator’s Track – For architects, we examine challenges faced by the architects, security leads and system integrators in building, managing and linking multiple systems via web interfaces, API, and Single Sign-on

o  Taking Action for Application Owner’s Track – Looks at the opportunities and challenges system owners have with existing tools and how we can drive more value out of existing investments to increase overall user satisfaction.

Showcase events that feature an integration partner, a customer, industry luminary or software/SaaS provider will be distinguished by a unique logo in their respective track. You can review our current edgeCore Webinar Series (note: this will launch in a new tab so you can read on)

Managing What You See Is Where You Wanted It:

Let me first describe how edgeTI is going to distribute information.

Real-time up-to-date information will be sent primarily using social channels where the act of “following” a company or an individual results in information appearing in your feed on Linked-in, YouTube, Facebook, and Twitter. Posts will be clear on what type of information: Webinar, Promotion, Product, Point of View. To receive these, you simply click “Follow” on the company and this info will pop into your feed, OR you can just hope that a friend shares it. You can turn on follow right now for any of these links. Perhaps in the future, Social Media will add some granularity to our follow activities

Periodic and future announcements as well as formal product and customer specific notices will be reserved for email and support areas of our website. You still have the option to get any real-time notice via email if this is where you wanted it. My ideal level of control let’s me choose all the things I want to get immediately and defer others to a single recap email. This is how we are organizing our communications and you can pick as many of these as you like for immediacy and a simple monthly recap.

o Promotional offers
o Blog articles and points of view
o Product updates & news releases
o Webinar opportunities for Business & IT Channel
o Webinar opportunities for IT Architects & Integrators
o Webinar opportunities for Service Owners & SW/SaaS
o Webinar opportunities for Showcase Events
o Send me “the Monthly Recap” of all announcements and what is coming

Taking action today, will help you control What You See is Where You Wanted It.

In closing, thank you for your past and future interest in edgeTI. Some really great things are coming as the market chases Hyperautomation, Artificial Intelligence, and other innovations.

ps. We are already working on mobile text solutions and will let you know when this option is ready as we extend the concept of What You See Is Where You Wanted It – WYSIWYWI.

Thanks to the Photo by Maurício Mascaro from Pexels

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