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Final Reminder: Adobe Flash EOL

By on January 4th, 2021


Support Update For AppBoard and enPortal Customers

New Update January 4, 2021

In case you missed it, ZDNet added further details about Adobe’s approach to how Flash will stop working 1/12/2021. The article is here.

“The update follows through with changes Adobe announced earlier this year in June. At the time, Adobe said it planned to show prompts to all Flash users by the end of the year with a notification that the software will soon reach its planned end-of-life [EOL]. The new update also brings an actual date to Flash’s actual demise in the form of January 12, 2021 — the date after which any type of Flash content won’t run inside the Flash app. Skipping this last Flash update won’t remove this “time bomb,” however. Adobe told ZDNet that the killswitch code was added months before in previous releases and that this last Flash update only modifies the language used in the prompt that will ask users to uninstall the app.”

Final reminder: Adobe Flash end-of-life will impact AppBoard and enPortal experiences, upgrades to the latest edgeCore™ platform available

Adobe will stop distributing and updating its Flash Player after December 31, 2020. To learn more about the end-of-life, read this Adobe May 2020  Update for Enterprise Customers Using Adobe Flash Player article. While the servers are not impacted operationally by this change, the change in browsers will have a definitive impact that will negatively impact user and viewer experiences. Apart from Microsoft, all major browser vendors will remove support for the Adobe Player on December 31, 2020. Microsoft announced in September 2020 that Internet Explorer 11 would allow running Flash until the Summer of 2021 when an operating system update will remove Flash. Read Microsoft’s  Update on Adobe Flash Player End of Support to learn about running Internet Explorer in 2021.

edgeTI does not recommend running any software after end-of-life. edgeTIs’ current edgeCore platform unites the capabilities of its two older legacy systems and is non-flash. Certainly, edgeCore features amazing improvements to accelerate customer efforts to digitally transform and connect the many tools and systems inside their infrastructures. We are offering upgrades to edgeCore, which also now features subscription licensing. Please contact us at 888-771-3343 or use our contact form: