edgeRPA™ Solution

Why edgeRPA™?

  • In order to have a positive impact on top line revenue and bottom line run costs, BPOs and large enterprises are actively implementing new operating models surrounding intelligent automation to simplify workflows, reduce risk, and improve customer experience. 
  • Robotic Process Automation (RPA) has been used as a way to automate repetitive time-consuming tasks. However, many manual tasks still exist that can be automated or improved. Existing RPA tools in the market today are costly and often have limitations and features that go unused, resulting in shelf-ware. 
  • Edge Technologies believes in a more pragmatic approach to ensure businesses are as efficient as possible. edgeRPA was created in order to combat existing challenges by offering a Single Point of Control. edgeRPA capabilities include:

” The Citrix integration with edgeRPA™ is totally unique in the market today. “

  • • Core HTML5/Angular 7 compliant platform
    • Agentless task automation (No browser plugins required)
    • Code-free script recording
    • Windows desktop automation
    • No separate design studio (Single UI)
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  •  • Event driven script playback (Right-click actions)
  • • OCR Image recognition
  • • Exception handling
  • • Secure script storage
  • • Script execution metrics
  • • RPA specific roles (Developer/User)


  • • Increased FTE productivity
  • • Reduced risks & errors
  • • Win new business by automating more workflows
  • • Improved customer experience
• Fast time-to-value
  • • Lower operating costs
  • • Maximizes existing best of breed tools usage and value

” edgeRPA brings a totally new dynamic to the service we offer our clients ”
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How edgeRPA™ works in 3 Easy Steps

  1. 1. VISUALIZE – Visualize your data to obtain situational awareness
  2. 2. INTEGRATE – Securely integrate your best of breed tools
  3. 3. AUTOMATE – Record and trigger one-click data driven automated workflows

“ Combining automation with data visualization and tool integration is a game-changer for our business. ”

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Single, Unified UI forAgents with edgeRPA™ Script

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Single Point of Control with RPA functionality

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