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Single, Unified UI for Agents
with Intelligent Automation
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Single Point of Control Platform

The World’s Largest Consulting Firm Leverages edgeTI to Deliver a Unified Service Cockpit for it’s Entire Back Office Operations

Single Unified Service Cockpit - Results of Deployment

  • • 70% Average Handling Time Improvement
  • • 40% Cost to Serve Reduction
  • • 30% Reduction in Product Licensing Costs
  • • 40-50% Reduction in FTEs needed to provide the same service


  • • Agents are tied to one deal, increasing the cost to serve.
  • • Agents log into multiple tools – leading to high AHT.
  • • Agents must learn client tools every time they transition to a new client.
  • • Help desks are fragmented – many manual steps are required to complete tasks.

For over twenty-five years, edgeTI has worked closely with business and technology leaders in multiple industries worldwide to develop and deliver transformational business value from new features that continue to revolutionize the way people interact with technology.

In this case, the customer came to edgeTI and said that their existing RPA tools were failing them – especially on the cost front and being able to interact with Virtual Desktop Interfaces (VDIs). Service desk agents also had to spend time logging into multiple different internal and external systems for ticket resolution – leading to high average handling times (AHT). Agents were also spending too much time having to learn client tools every time they transitioned to a new business client – increasing time effective time to market.

” Edge’s Single Point of Control platform enabled us to overcome obstacles in our complex, partially outsourced customer environments; specifically with its Citrix and Horizon VDI integrations. Our invoice processing group showed a 97% increase in efficiency. ”
CTO, Finance and Accounting

Story Summary

edgeCore provides a Single Point of Control platform that enriches the usefulness of existing data and systems such as ITSM, RPA, BI, CRM, BPM, AI/ML, ERP and delivers real-time, secure, role-based data aggregation, digital process orchestration, and information visualization – helping businesses produce and experience significantly improved returns. 

edgeCore delivers the world’s largest consulting firm a single, unified view for agents of all clients so that they can easily navigate and perform day-to-day tasks – it eliminated the need to log into different internal and external applications.

“ We have all three leading RPA tools; UiPath, BluePrism, and Automation-Anywhere. Every single one of them failed when it came to automating processes involving applications that sat behind our VDIs. We knew we needed a way to increase the volume of our processing so the first thing we tried was to hire more people. In looking at invoice processing [as an example], we were able to increase volume, but the time it took to validate and process remained the same – it was taking 15-25 minutes per invoice. I knew there had to be a better way to address this bottleneck with VDIs. ”


A Better Way Forward

At edgeTI, everything starts with our customers. The customer came to us as a Trusted Partner and challenged us to deliver a solution that would create real, transformational change – at a cost that actually made sense.

Traditional RPA tools in the market charge organizations for 12+ different features even though they will only end up using 1 or 2 of them. edgeTI focuses on those 1 or 2 features that the customer really cared about.

“I knew Edge provided a one of a kind interface convergence platform – they had already done some amazing work developing a front-end for our Cloud Infrastructure offering. In just 3 weeks, Edge integrated all of the tools within the invoice processing procedure and allowed RPA bots to work into and back out of a client-facing SAP that sat behind Citrix. Because of Edge, our agents are able to complete the entire invoice processing procedure in less than one minute. The competitive advantage we have now within the market is something we never thought would be possible.”

edgeTI Solution and Benefits

In three weeks, edgeTI delivered a single, unified view/UI for agents of all clients so that they can easily navigate and perform day to-day tasks. The solution eliminated the need for agents to manually log into different internal and external facing applications.

For invoice processing, agents can both view and navigate multiple applications within a single browser window – this included client-facing applica- tions like SAP via Citrix VDI. From here, machine-assisted human actions can be performed in the same single browser window using RPA.

  • • A single source of data to conduct in depth analytics of clients, creating the capability to pro-actively suggest intelligent automation opportunities.
  • • A single UI to showcase to leadership – used to streamline communication and reporting across the entire organization.
  • Citrix and VMware Horizon license cost reduction.
  • • Reduction in compute costs by using edgeCore and not a heavier RPA application.

” In the sea of vendors Edge is the only one who has zero competition and stands alone in its own category. No one else on the market today does interface convergence – I have looked and the closest thing I could find is Liferay – but it is not a proxy solution and cannot manipulate existing UIs as Edge can. “
Sr. Managing Director

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