Solution Brief

edgeRPA functionality for a
Single Point of Control

A Unified, Secured and Intelligent Platform – Servicing Multiple Capabilities Across Clients, Processes, Industries, and Channels with Machine Led Direct and Agent Assisted Resolutions

edgeRPA the All-In-One Solution

The edgeCore™ Single Point of Control platform gives users the ability to automatically access multiple applications with single sign-on (SSO) or with cross tool authenti- cation. It allows for intuitive display of existing UIs for both internal and external applications, even ones that sit behind Virtual Desktop Interfaces (VDIs), in a single browser window. With this, edgeCore’s patented RPA capability allows the exchange of data between the integrated applications to happen faster and user behavior becomes more efficient than ever before. edgeTI is the only vendor on the market today to provide:

Full Visibility

  • Search entire databases of material being processed with one click.
  • Quickly evaluate business process metrics by employee, organization, etc.

Full Control

  • Role-based access control (RBAC).
  • Worry less about enforcing rules for various task processing procedures

Take Action

  • Complete an entire workflow from start to finish within a single window
  • Ability to modify processes to accommodate new workflow when needed with an intuitive code-free script center

Sensible Automation

  • User-friendly User-friendly and seamless integration of existing toolsets – even when Citrix or VMware Horizon VDIs are involved
  • Record and trigger one-click data or web-driven automated workflows


In order to have a positive impact on top-line revenue and bottom-line run costs, service providers, federal agencies, and large enterprises are actively implementing new operating models to simplify workflows, reduce human error, and improve both employee and customer experience.

Robotic Process Automation (RPA) has been used as a way to automate repetitive, time-consuming tasks. In many situations, however, manual tasks still exist that traditional RPA vendors are unable to address. On top of this, RPA tools are costly and have many features that go unused, resulting in shelf-ware.

“ Edge Technologies takes a more pragmatic approach to ensure businesses
efficient as possible by offering a Single Point of Control with
orchestrated RPA functionality “

A stand-alone RPA tool can only take an organization so far. If a process entails both internal and external facing tools that live in a virtual desktop interface (VDI), traditional RPA tools will fail.

Buying More Technology is Not Always the Answer

Organizations invest millions of dollars in enterprise toolsets to improve their operations. Despite these investments, businesses struggle to keep costs low, enhance user behavior, and increase efficiency.

At edgeTI, everything starts with our customers. We help business leaders understand that buying more technology is not always the answer. The better path forward lies within what an organization already has in place – having a Single Point of Control gives organizations the ability to completely streamline internal and external processes, injecting a better working capital culture into the business.

With edgeTI, organizations are able to strengthen corporate cost management, reduce complexity, minimize risks associated with manual processing, enhance vendor contract compliance, and ultimately see significant improvements across the enterprise. edgeTI works closely with business and technology leaders in multiple industries worldwide to develop and deliver business value from new features that continues to revolutionize the way people interact with technology.


About Edge Total Intelligence

edgeTI is a next-generation Single Point of Control software vendor that uniquely combines data visualization, tool integration, human and machine intelligence, task automation, and virtual assistants to create highly optimized workflow execution that measurably improves businesses, staff productivity, and customer experience.

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