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edgeCore™ 4th Quarter Product Update

By on December 22nd, 2020


It has been a productive year for edgeTI. We have added major features to expand the uses for edgeCore. As we close 2020, we are eager to share the last quarter’s edgeCore product update with you. Let’s jump in, shall we?

edgeCore Product Update

Custom Visualizations

Developers are now able to design, build, and then upload their custom visualizations to edgeCore to show pipeline data. In addition, different users can use these visualizations in different ways and in different places. They all convey a common visual paradigm helpful for organizations to coordinate messaging around visuals.

We have created three Yeoman templates for developers to choose from — HelloWorld, ReactJS, and Angular.

So, what makes custom visualizations unique?

  • Custom visualizations are deployable and installable as component packages.
  • Custom visualizations have access to data flowing through the pipeline.
  • They are configurable and differentiated through pipeline design.
  • These visualizations may include custom JavaScript, StyleSheets, and other support files.
  • Custom visualizations are bundled and then deliverable to any edgeCore instance.
  • You can share custom visualizations within and without your organization.

Imagine using your favorite visualization within edgeCore, then harmonizing multiple systems while securing access.

Security Permissions and Role-Based Access

edgeCore now provides greater flexibility and granularity with user management and access. Moreover, apart from having default user roles, administrators can create additional roles and grant security permissions to these roles either in the UI or via APIs.

In short, our focus on API parity with the visual interface allows the configuration of systems to be automated by DevOps initiatives like Application Repaving and Self-Service Deployment.

Security Policies

As the last quarter’s edgeCore product update, we have also introduced security policies to refine the access granted by security permissions. Currently, we only have the Domain policy. However, in future releases, many of the security permissions will have policies associated with them.

The Domain policy enables you to grant and/or deny access to specific domains for users that have the role to which the policy applies. You can associate this policy with the Modify Domains and Users and Assign Content permissions.

Furthermore, our new policies will help edgeCore system owners align with the widely varied security policies that are mandated by region, by industry, and by risk decision organizationally.

Microsoft SQL Server Support

edgeCore now supports Microsoft SQL Server in addition to H2, MySQL, and Oracle. As a result, you can use Microsoft SQL Server (and the other database systems) for:

  • external caching of pipeline data and execution of SQL transforms
  • an authentication database to store accounts, provisioning, and sessions

Moreover, external storage reduces the required footprint for large, seldom updated datasets, moving them from in-memory to easily accessed through a native database connection.

Cloning Pages

Duplicate and re-use page contents with a couple of clicks. Cloning is now possible in edgeCore. Furthermore, what makes this feature even more useful is the ability to clone the page’s visualizations with the actions and options powering those visualizations.

Have something cool to share? Cloning lets you share ideas, archive pages, kick start use cases. More to come in early 2021.

Enhanced Tables

Our goal is to enable you to create impactful and visually appealing tables. Therefore, as part of the Q4 edgeCore product update, we have enriched them with new capabilities.

What are the actions you can perform on tables?

For example, you can:

  • wrap text in column headers and cells;
  • reorder columns via drag and drop;
  • pin one or more columns to the left or right, which comes in handy for scorecards;
  • resize columns by dragging the edge of the column header or by pushing adjacent columns to the left or right by holding Shift;
  • sort a column by clicking the header or multiple columns by holding down Shift;
  • preserve column width, sort, pinning, and order;
  • style column header labels by using a variety of supported HTML tags.

Make sure to take advantage of all these new features today and make more useful, efficient, and beautiful tables.

Learn More

If you want to learn more about our latest updates, make sure you read our release notes and product documentation. In case you’re new to edgeCore, feel free to contact us to schedule a demo and have a discussion.

Thanks for being a part of the Edge community, and here’s to another successful quarter together!

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