Solution Brief

World-class UI Experience through
Interface Convergence

Automated Single Sign-On (SSO) to Entire Toolsets & Applications – Patented Web Layer Integration Delivering the World’s Only Interface Convergence Experience

Business Value

  • 40% Cost to Serve Reduction

  • 30% Reduction in Product Licensing Costs

  • 40% Reduction in On-boarding and Training Costs

  • 40-50% Reduction in FTE’s needed to provide the same service

  • Increased Automation Opportunities for Improved Competency

  • Improved Customer Satisfaction (CSAT) Score

Technical Operations Value

          • 70% Average Handling Time (AHT) Improvement

          • 86% Reduction in Number of Clicks to Complete a Task

          • 66% Reduction in Tool Training Time

          • 97% Improvement in Tool Login Time

What Business Leaders Say About edgeCore™

“ I view Edge as a completed solution that allows for seamless convergence of interfaces. All the functionality and tools we talk about, like AI/ML or business intelligence – there are vendors who operate in these arenas, and there are multiple vendors in each of them. In the sea of vendors, Edge is the only one that has zero competition and stands alone in its own category. No one else in the market today does interface convergence – I have looked and the closest thing I could find is Liferay – but it is not a proxy solution and cannot manipulate existing UIs like Edge can. ”

– Sr. Managing Director, Worlds Largest Consulting Firm

Leading Organizations do NOT Need Another . . .

        • Monitoring Tool

        • Ticketing Tool

        • Business Intelligence Tool

        • Analytics Tool

        • Machine Learning Tool

      • Artificial Intelligence Tool

      • Workload Automation Tool

      • Data Visualization Tool

      • Reporting Tool

      • RPA Tool and More…


No matter what division, group, line of business, or team you are apart of, one thing is consistent across them all: technology. Whether you are evaluating the impact of a missed delivery to the business, resolving an issue, completing a transaction, or ensuring the safety of a human being, more than one system or application is involved in the process.

A lack of technology is not a challenge for most business leaders. However, one that revolves around the people using the technology might be more difficult – how can business leaders provide a better experience to those using deployed technology and to those it affects?

Business Impact Matters

Interface Convergence impacts everything from user experience to the impact it has on the customer. 

It even helps lower maintenance fees paid to existing vendors by reducing license usage and eliminating redundancy. 

It creates a vendor-neutral front end for toolsets, so as they age or are replaced, users do not experience any changes, lowering training and change management costs significantly. 

All things considered, it lets businesses do much more, with a lot less.

Interface Convergence

What Does it Mean?

Interface Convergence is having the ability to automatically access multiple applications with single sign-on (SSO) or with cross-tool authentication. It means the solution has the power to seamlessly display the UI of the existing toolset and applications in a single browser window. With this, the exchange of data between the integrated applications happens faster and user behavior becomes more efficient.

Real World Results

edgeTI works closely with business and technology leaders in multiple industries worldwide to develop and deliver business value from new features that continues to revolutionize the way people interact with technology.

The value points listed below are the results of an edgeCore deployment within the world’s largest BPO organization

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