Coverage, Press edgeTI appears on TMX Series “The Podcast - Episode 10”

edgeTI appears on TMX Series “The Podcast – Episode 10”

By on July 15th, 2022


Delilah Panio, Vice President of Capital Formation for TMX hosted Jim Barrett, CEO of EdgeTI (TSXV:CTRL) and Christian Mack, Managing Director of Lotus Innovations on July 5th. This was a unique conversation with the CEO of a recently listed US tech company and their primary investor on why those chose to list on TSX Venture Exchange as an alternative to private capital options, and how they plan to use public venture capital to fuel this company’s growth.

Hear how edgeTI, a US software company that focuses on the integration of secure web applications, went public on TSX Venture Exchange in January 2022 and how Lotus Innovations, a private equity firm, led the transaction as its primary shareholder.

Christian also discusses some of the opportunities he sees in this present market for turnarounds in enterprise software and the route that the TSXV offers small companies.

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