North Wind Group Ensures COVID-19
Safety Protocols with Real-time
Cross-platform Dashboards

About North Wind Group

North Wind Group is a small business leader in the environmental management, engineering, construction, scientific consulting, and information technology industries. Their wide-ranging capabilities allow them to self-perform nearly all aspects of any given work scope, providing their customers with significant cost savings. North Wind maintains a strict corporate safety philosophy that has translated into an outstanding safety record with more than two million hours worked without a safety incident.

North Wind Group Dashboard


The Biden Administration issued the Executive Order on ensuring adequate COVID-19 safety protocols for federal contractors on September 9, 2021 – this order unintentionally caused a number of logistical challenges. Government contractors scrambled to determine the vaccine status of all their employees’ supporting active contracts. For those who were not vaccinated, they needed to determine if these individuals intended to become fully vaccinated by October 15, 2021. Business leadership needed a quick resolution to this challenge – especially given the fact it could have a negative effect on their organizations’ ability to meet active contractual obligations.

Edge’s Single Point of Control platform enabled us to overcome logistical obstacles to quickly assess any risk to delivery, profitability, and schedules by contract across all 18 of our business units.

– James Furr, North Wind Group Chief Information Officer

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