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One of the most common HIPAA violations is ineffective ePHI access controls, which is prevalent in home health testing causing millions in fines – and a key reason 75% of healthcare leaders plan to spend more in IT security in 2023. Solving this challenge includes:

Managing sensitive information & meeting regulatory requirements.

Securely manage and move unstructured information, between systems, in a compliant and regulatory manner.

Ensuring advanced access control and data masking capabilities provide the right users with the appropriate information at each stage of the process.

Human-Assisted Approach that Removes Roadblocks

edgeCore™ collects, aggregates, and provides an understanding of all aspects of the fulfillment process by.


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edgeCore empowers organizations to reuse functional pieces of existing applications and bundle them together to build and modify existing applications.

edgeCore helps organizations develop modular, innovative and adjustable solutions to repurpose functional individual application pieces. With these detachable pieces, organizations can build more robust applications with improved functionality and fewer vulnerabilities.

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