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External Caching for edgeCore™

By on September 14th, 2020


4.2.2 Release Extends edgeCore External Caching

– Did you know that the memory footprint of your edgeCore instance can be reduced? Did you hear that your servers can be smaller and less costly? In the edgeCore 4.2.2 release, we extended the newly introduced functionality related to the data management of the internal memory. Customers now have more options to use an external database for caching.

Beyond the embedded capability, we have added an Oracle database to store the edgeCore cache, which joins the recently released MySQL option. As a result, the memory footprint of your edgeCore instances will be reduced if you are using large datasets. When this occurs, the offload in resources can make your servers be smaller and more affordable.

If you are already our customer, feel free to contact your account manager to discuss what external caching may do for your installation. Each external cache has its own peculiarities and requirements. For more details, please refer to our documentation website.

If you are new to the edgeCore platform, feel free to learn more by clicking the link on “platform” or contact us to schedule a demo and have a discussion.

edgeTIs Connected Intelligence Platform, edgeCore, greatly increases operational efficiency, reduces process blindness, and promotes the best outcomes and actions, based on real-time integrated, orchestrated, and visualized data. The capabilities of edgeCore can be extended further by integrating the platform with best-in-class artificial intelligence and machine learning (AIML) functionality.

Beyond external caching, we continue to make simple improvements and add functionality as we continue our leadership in delivering ops-centric digital experiences.