Edge Total Intelligence along with many experts from across the industry, academia, DoD, U.S. Navy, Marine Corps, DHS, and more will attend the 34rd annual WEST Conference on February 13 – 15 in San Diego at Booth 2219, hosted by the U.S. Naval Institute and AFCEA International to explore current and future naval platforms and technologies.

As a result of the end-to-end monitoring we are able to rapidly respond to network issues


Navy Communications & Intelligence

Edge works with our Armed Forces, National and Regional Governments to satisfy the real-time information requirements of their missions.

How edgeTI Supports DoD

The Navy has leveraged edgeCore to advance operational excellence. Productivity improvements were realized through innovations in data integration and visualization. With ATO’s on NIPR, SIPR, JWICS and DREN, edgeCore is trusted to deliver real-time informational situational awareness throughout the federal government.

edgeCore™ offers new perspectives by challenging the traditional data and system integration practices by eliminating the need to transfer data between an application and/or data lakes, warehouses, or other repositories.

edgeCore allows organizations to leverage their existing investments with no modifications to realize greater productivity gains and greater returns on investment.

edgeTI delivers Total Integration & Intelligence with the following:

Rapid Application Development

Visualizations that take Action

Visualizing Operational Intelligence

Highly Secure Data for Multi-Level Security

Contextual Drill-Down & Write-Back

Enterprise Automation

Data Mining