Solution Brief

How edgeCore™ Delivers Value to M&A Process

Rapid Integration to all Processes, Systems, Channels, and Knowledge Bases – empowering Business and Technology Leaders to Navigate the M&A Process Efficiently

Business Value

      • 76% Reduction in M&A Integration Costs

      • 40-50% Reduction in Product Licensing Costs

      • 30% Reduction in Training & Onboarding Costs

      • Improved Productivity & Service Availability

About edgeTI

edgeTI is the leader in instrumenting all types of operations to visualize work clearly, take action decisively, and drive results intelligently. edgeTI exists to strengthen organizational performance during M&A activity via a secure, multi-tenant architecture


It is critical for business and technology leaders to integrate systems, databases, tools and applications quickly – ensuring all processes and workflows are properly aligned, allowing the ‘new’ organization to thrive.

The most common challenges associated with M&A activity are:

      • Lack of Integration – organizations struggle to integrate their own systems, technology, and operational processes. Integrating legacy systems with ones that are more modern is especially difficult.

      • Lack of Visibility – duplicate information across systems is very difficult to manage. With multiple layers of visualization for each system, companies struggle with organizing disparate information – often impacting bottom line.

      • Security Gaps & Compliance – security weaknesses emerge as more people gain access to organizations systems. As companies lower system firewalls during various integration processes, the risk of security breaches increases significantly


For organizations that have gone through the M&A process, they are left with more than one ticketing, APM, network, event, alerting, inventory, and business system. edgeCore eliminates the costly process of integration by providing an actionable, vendor agnostic experience across all systems – securely.

M&A Vendor Agnostic

Vendor Agnostic

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Extends the Power of Existing Systems

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Actionable Visualization

The Edge Advantage

The edgeCore platform installs on-premise or in-your-cloud and is based on a Kubernetes native micro-service architecture with robust APIs, making it highly extensible, portable, and scalable. It features dozens of out-of-the-box integrations for industry-leading software and SaaS services as well as multiple data extract and transform methods inside a powerful SDK.

With easy-to-use drag and drop configuration and agile orchestration, as well as add-on modules for management and business operations, edgeCore is used in global financial, healthcare, technology, managed services, and government organizations – perfectly positioned to streamline challenging processes that come along with M&A activity.

Delivering a Single Point of Control Solution

edgeTI has worked closely with business and technology leaders in multiple industries worldwide to develop and delivery patented and core capabilities that address challenges associated with M&A activity

M&A dashboards

A highly secure, intelligent platform servicing multiple capabilities across the M&A process.

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