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20 New And Rising UI And UX Design Trends Dev Teams Should Know About

By on August 31st, 2023

UI/UX Trends

While there are some fundamental principles when it comes to good user interface and user experience design, advances in technology change what designers are able to incorporate in software and services. Further, users’ expectations and preferences evolve alongside tech capabilities as they experience what’s new and possible.

20 members of Forbes Technology Council share some of the rising trends in UI/UX design that are now or soon will be must-haves for new products. From new processes and features powered by artificial intelligence to commitments to better serving all users, these trends give a glimpse of the future of tech applications and software.

End–User Input

At a recent conference on applications, there were discussions about how many users have expressed their desire to have a say in how an application works. It makes sense when so many applications and mega titles subject their users to a myriad of screens and clicks that are often inefficient and disjointed. Thankfully, composable applications are about to change this by empowering a business to design its own UX. – Jim Barrett, Edge Total Intelligence

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