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15 Tech Leaders Share Roadmapping Tools And Techniques They’ve Found Effective

By on September 16th, 2022

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When setting out on a journey, it’s always wise to have a reliable roadmap. The same holds true when it comes to embarking on new tech projects and initiatives. And just as there’s considerable flexibility in terms of routes and guides when planning a trip, tech leaders and project managers have several choices when it comes to tools and techniques for plotting and refining a project roadmap.

With so many options available, a young tech leader or first-time project manager can benefit from the advice and experience of seasoned industry leaders. 15 members of Forbes Technology Council share some roadmapping tools and techniques they’ve found effective and why they work so well.

I’m a fan of Wardley Mapping—with a real-time twist. After the mapping exercise, it’s critical to track plan progress holistically across all departments. Static reports aren’t enough. Real-time project dashboards, personalized to each stakeholder, that securely integrate sales, project management, and product and marketing systems are critical to ensure project success in your ever-changing enterprise. Jim Barrett, CEO Edge Total Intelligence

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