Use case

Unified Desktop Powered by edgeTI

Unified Desktop Integrating all Processes, Systems, Channels, and Knowledge Bases – empowering agents to more efficiently, effectively, and accurately handle each customer.

Unified Desktop Powered By edgeTI - Results of Deployment

  • 40% Cost to Serve Reduction

  • 30% Reduction in Product Licensing Costs

  • 40% Reduction in On-boarding and Training Costs

  • Improved Customer Satisfaction (CSAT) Score

          • 70% Average Handling Time (AHT) Improvement

          • 86% Reduction in Number of Clicks to Complete a Task

          • 66% Reduction in Tool Training Time

          • 97% Improvement in Tool Login Time

Problem Statement

Call center agents access 15 different applications to respond to requests. With this, the agent has to manually navigate between these applications within multiple different windows – leading to delays, longer wait times, and higher average handling time (AHT).


To provide a singular unified desktop that unifies all processes, systems, channels, and knowledge bases, thus empowering the agent to more efficiently, effectively, and accurately handle each customer.

Current Situation - Before edgeCore™ Deployment

In order to resolve customer requests, agents must log in to different tools to manually read, write, and provide updates in ticketing tools.

Agents must access multiple different reporting tools to generate and publish those reports to business leaders and clients.

Agents must learn client tools every time they transition to a new agent – increasing effective time to market.

Unified Desktop Solution

Unified Desktop Image

edgeCore delivered a single, unified view/UI for agents of all clients so that they can easily navigate and perform day-to-day tasks – it eliminated the need to log into different applications needed to handle each customer call. edgeCore integrated all relevant call center applications into a single platform, as is, without creating any significant change in navigation or user behavior. Leveraging multiple back-end applications, agents were also given a search console, allowing the input of a keyword or phrase to provide quick, relevant responses to the customer.

High Level Architecture

Unified Desktop Architecture

Patented Web Layer Integration

edgeTI’s patented webAdapter (wA) technology is critical to this unified desktop use case. The customer chose edgeCore for their business case because edgeTI was the only vendor on the market that could deliver on all of their requirements.

The best way to describe a webAdapter is through the introduction of Interface Convergence. This concept allows call center agents to automatically access multiple applications with a single set of log in credentials. webAdapters give agents the power to seamlessly interact with existing UIs of critical toolsets and applications in a single browser tab. With this, the exchange of data between the integrated applications happens faster, agent behavior becomes more efficient, and the customer experience is significantly better.

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