WARNING: Banks Need to Transform Their Customer Journey

Banks Need to Adapt or Face Extinction


Banks have a better understanding of their customers. In fact, banks have all the historical data to provide better customer journeys that meet or exceed today’s customer demands.


Data is siloed, requiring customers to navigate multiple disconnected systems – with new product offerings the situation has the potential to only get worse.

Continuing to invest millions in traditional data lakes will not provide the real-time experience today’s and tomorrow’s banking customers demand. Banks need to connect banking products to meet the needs of the customer – rather than trying to create new data-driven customer portals.

For example, todays financial customers seeking a mortgage demand a holistic view of how their current banking relationships influence their rates.


Decrease in
Time to Market


Increase in
Customer Satisfaction


ROI Within
12 Months

Banks that provide these transformative customer journeys will win. edgeCore™ enables banks to provide the journeys their customer demand today and into the future – all while empowering banks to leverage their existing secure solutions to dramatically save time and money, and retain and attract more customers.

Everything You Need, When You Need it, at the Speed of Relevance

Only edgeCore lets you treat data–as–a–product to empower engineers and operators to unlock actionable insights specific to operations – regardless of where the data is located.

edgeCore™ Delivers:

  • Data-as-a-Product
  • Comprehensive Single Sign–On
  • Secure Data Integration
  • AI/ML Orchestration
  • Advanced Automation
  • Secure Application Proxying
  • No Costly System Migrations
How edgeTI Works

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