Modernize Federal
IT Operations

Video Showcase

By filling out the information at the left and clicking Go To Video, we will will take you to a private video demonstration: Modernize Federal IT that is delivered by EdgeCore Connected Intelligence Platform on Vimeo.  The demonstration focuses on expanding the ability to utilize cutting edge advancements in monitoring and alerting to provide analytics of inventory, topology, device metrics, faults, flow and packet analysis that will be both comprehensive and scalable for Traditional, Mobile, Cloud and Software Defined Networks in a Single Pane of Glass. 

Through the video, you will see how EdgeCore platform is able to use its out-of-the-box integrations with many of the leading  monitoring tools like BMC Remedy, SPLUNK, Solarwinds, etc. An added benefit of our Single Pane of Glass capability is the establishment of a consistent user interface regardless of the underlying monitoring solutions being used now and in the future. In effect, you will future-proof much of the conversion costs associated with training and operational documentation every time you replace or introduce a new monitoring solution.

Feel free to contact us or visit us after watching the video. You can describe what is your Art of the Possible. There a very good chance  we can move you from imagination to reality.