NEXT Venture Pitch selects edgeTI as Semi-Finalist

NEXT Venture Pitch is Next Week We were pleased to be selected by Next Venture Pitch alongside other firms to present to investors who are actively looking for companies in the Southeast that can use capital to accelerate their growth. This year’s semifinalists include a broad range of technology and digitally enabled firms in agriculture, […]

Department of Veterans Affairs fights COVID-19 with help from edgeTI

The U.S. Department of Veterans Affairs will use the latest edgeTI product in the fight against COVID-19 pandemic. edgeCore with Edge Robotic Process Automation is an upgrade to an existing edgeTI implementation already present in VA. It will provide not only additional visualization and integration capabilities, but also eliminate security vulnerablities, and enhance 508 Disability […]

5 key lessons I learned while chasing AI for 20 years

Confessions of a CTO I was inspired to share my experiences with automation and AI especially experiments with edgeTI edgeCore™ platform. edgeCore is used by large enterprises, service providers, and governments to understand their business and technical operations and then take action with speed and intelligence. While my story started some 20 years ago, the […]

What You See Is Where You Wanted It

An improvement over WYSIWYG (What You See Is What You Get) As many businesses have increased their digital activity, many of us are inundated by a nonstop flow of information (Yes, I realize that this message is part of the nonstop flow). After examining the data and considering the actions of others in the industry, […]

Tech Republic Publishes “Surviving COVID-19: Lessons learned by a tech CEO”

edgeTI CEO who contracted COVID-19 early in the pandemic shares his experiences and observations as a leader

edgeTI CEO who contracted COVID-19 early in the pandemic shares further thoughts on communications, customers, and family. by Todd R. Weiss in CXO on June 16, 2020, 12:42 PM PST COVID-19 has so far killed 116,250 people in the US and 437,939 people around the world as the coronavirus pandemic rages on without a vaccine. […]

Contracting COVID-19 as a High-Tech CEO: Challenges and Surprises

Thankfully Down, But Not Out Normally, I tend to be a private person, but I’ve been asked by several friends and business leaders to tell my story after I contracted the COVID-19 virus, as well as the unique position of what my company and its employees did for enterprises, service providers, and government operations and […]

Connected Intelligence Driving More Digital Transformation

connected intelligence

How to Get a Fix on Things When Everyone is Juggling with Connected Intelligence The pace of change in business requires us to juggle several tasks simultaneously. Our heads are spinning from trying to fix things that matter most and take action without introducing some unintended consequence. Business professionals and IT leaders admit that getting […]

Why edgeCore™? Why edgeTI? Why Now?

Working, doing anything with clarity and connection is everything. GfK’s syndicated Automobility research in the US, shows that 55% of those who plan to buy a new car say their selection will be influenced by the technologies in the car. Much of this technology is the blending of safety sensing and overrides, driving automation, personal […]

Derive More Value with Coordinated, Branded Displays

Dashboards don’t have to be ugly. In fact, with the right technology, nearly everything can be configured to look like impressive mission control rooms straight out of some wildly inspiring movie about a NASA endeavor, or a science fiction military victory that saves the world. Beyond the striking impression made by a slick set-up, what […]