Government & Defense

Actionable Data Visualizations in Near-Time

Coordinated Single-Pane-of-Glass Solutions for Every Command

edgeCore™ provides an integration platform that creates interoperability between disparate tools and can be rapidly deployed depending on the state of readiness based on situational awareness across all mission areas. edgeCore’s advanced security features exceed the variety of Government Agency security requirements by providing Single Sign-On (SSO), Multi-factor Authentication (MFA), CAC, and custom authenticator support. Over 30% of edgeTI customers are a government agency, supporting close to 20 Federal System Integrators.

edgeCore can provide Geo-located event and service status details, as well as discovery and dependency mappings, availability and performance reporting and rapid development or replacement of highly-secure portals. The system can even be configured to merge a series of multi-tenant applications and user interfaces, including those that are not natively multi-tenant, into fully-integrated, scalable, secure multi-tenant portals.

Case Studies

Learn how edgeCore can securely deliver a the right info on a single pane.

edgeCore Digital Transformation

edgeCore is a fully-integrated data visualization platform that helps Government and Defense to identify and resolve threats in real-time. Imagine real-time, actionable data on one pane of glass for all sources of data, from network health to cyber threats. edgeCore is the right tool for the increasingly crucial practice of cyber security in Government and Defense.

Fast, Secure Access

Leverage your organization’s existing authentication technologies to provide fast, simple, highly-secure, access to applications or information via SSO. Advanced security features including CAC-based Single Sign-On (SSO), Single Sign-Out (SSX), Multi-factor Authentication (MFA), and custom authenticator support exceed Government Agency security requirements.

Vendor-Neutral Integration

Our best of breed integrations offer the ability to seamlessly unify existing views from your web-based applications and all new visualizations driven by raw data straight from the source. API-based integration combats database strain resulting from the sheer volume of information, applications, and systems at work. edgeCore for government users like The Department of Defense (DOD) swap cluttered screens and inefficiencies for rapid deployment and increased operational efficiency.

Role-Based Visualizations

edgeCore is an HTML5-based solution with adaptive layouts and mobile device support. The intuitive platform allows for role-based, in-context visualizations that bring raw data to life. Intuitive, visually-appealing dashboards replace non-correlated views from autonomous data sources, and in-app tools help to organize information for optimal efficiency. Role-based network management data visualization ensures fast and easy access to the right data for the right people, and provides greater context for maximum performance.

Operate at Peak Efficiency

In the context of Government and Defense, the stakes may be higher than for any other edgeCore user. Thorough, actionable data can mean greater efficiency, and even lives saved. Multiple logins and disparate data are a thing of the past. It’s time to implement a single point of control to facilitate faster and better decisions, empowering your organization to consistently operate at peak efficiency.