Special Operations

Single Pane of Glass

In order for Special Operations Command to develop a Single Pane of Glass comprised of the data operators need in order to connect the war fighter and the Department of Defense’s overarching Joint All-Domain Command and Control effort, the organization needs a proven integration solution that can quickly, and securely, access virtually any information without requiring the creation of a new data lake. EdgeCore from Edge Technologies is that solution. With proven expertise throughout the Defense department, Edge is uniquely positioned to help Special Operations Command achieve its mission objective in a fraction of the time and cost of traditional BI solutions.

Additionally, EdgeCore dashboards not only create a Single Pane of Glass view into your operations, they also act as an interactive Single Point of Control environment allowing operators to actively control and interact with the underlying systems sending data up to the view. In effect, Special Operations Command will have a complete Command and Control operating environment that takes advantage of existing mission-proven systems through a single common interface.

This video will provide an overview of how the EdgeCore platform was used  to create a prototype Single Pane of Glass of SOCOM’s IT infrastructure using out-of-the-box integrations with many of the leading IT monitoring tools like BMC Remedy, Splunk, Gigamon, Riverbed, SolarWinds, and more. The work done for this prototype is easily leveraged to accelerate mission and operation data feeds required by Special Operations Command. In addition to presenting real-time IT infrastructure data on a map, the blue force picture, logistics data, fires and air overlays, and socioeconomic data can also be presented in the Single Pane of Glass with the data feeds coming from both secure and public data sources in real time.

An added benefit of Edge’s proven capability is the establishment of a consistent user interface, regardless of the underlying data sources being used now or in the future. In effect, you will future-proof much of the conversion costs associated with training and operational documentation every time you replace or introduce a new data set or tool. ITBM, ITSM, and ITOM are all fully incorporated, providing mission and program views that align with unit management and situational awareness in the field.

Feel free to Michael Friedel, Federal Sales Director, at Michael.Friedel@edge-technologies.com or (703) 298-4384 to learn more about EdgeCore.