HPE ArcSight Cyber Security
Visualization Solution

Edge is the only HPE Technical Alliance partner providing cyber security visualization solutions for ArcSight

Explore the Solution Brief

Edge Technologies’ collaboration with HPE Technical Alliance has yielded several powerful benefits, including fast, fully-authenticated, single sign-on access to ArcSight ESM and third-party applications, and custom visualizations of ArcSight data.

In this solution brief, learn more about the key benefits and use cases that Edge provides for HPE’s Arcsight solution.


  • Role-based dashboards and workflow for desktop and mobile users
  • Control over which portions of the ArcSight native UI are exposed to end users
  • Combine ArcSight APIs with a gallery of pre-built “widgets” to create all new visualizations
  • Scaling of NNMi to large numbers of concurrent users
  • Seamless combination of information from third-party tools and data sources
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