edgeCore™ for
Service Providers

edgeTI works with Service Providers that operate in multiple industries. While many customers started in IT Service Management and Network Operations Centers, many enterprises are aiming our capabilities at business operations and corporate performance.

Opportunities & Benefits for Service Providers

Telecommunications Providers (Cable, Mobile, Phone, Internet)

Today’s Telecommunications providers, no matter where you are in the world, have become broad technology and communications providers of bandwidth, mobility, media, content, and resale to consumers and businesses of all sizes. Experts on packaging solutions, they eliminate the complexity of building things yourselves and deliver ready-made capabilities that can be activated in moments.

edgeTI and its system integrators have a long history of branding its themes to match provider branding to create customer portals,  business operations for field teams, and back-end operational support systems. As more services are digitized and innovation is continual, more and more businesses are finding edgeCore platform to be a safe cohesive way to integrate automation, RPA, and AI solutions. Check out the opportunities below for Telecommunications Providers.

IT Services (Application, Infrastructure, Endpoint, Service Desk, Field) )

IT outsourcing has largely been divided for years into towers. Application management, data center, endpoint, ITSM, service desk, technology specific like print, and so on. Social, mobile, cloud, and apps pretty much disrupted the way we considered IT services. Oddly enough it has broadened the choices and capabilities of consumers. Likewise, digitization of everything to make it connected have converged operational technologies with IT. Digital buildings, physical security, SCADA systems. It’s difficult to recognize the boundaries.

As customers have more choices and it becomes easier to switch providers, the thing that keeps customers are the experiences and outcomes that we create and communicate. edgeTI  help Service Providers to manage operation and create rich information displays of the customer’s environment where provider and customer are easily on one page. edgeCore’s multi-tenancy capabilities create secure environments for customers to isolate their data, and at the same time enable providers to economize staffing. As providers look to manage costs and agility, edgeCore is a great place to anchor automation and intelligence initiatives.

Business Process Outsourcing (Out-tasking, Staffing Things)

Outside of technology outsourcing, the same principles of IT are applicable to back office and front office business operations. Large volume, transaction work in accounting, claims processing, document management, inventory, and others can be delivered by specialist organizations that have the systems and talent to get things done, so customers can focus on what they do best.

Business Process Outsourcers use edgeTI as a safe means to connect to client environments and access their tools via Citrix. As more operations automate and augment, native RPA functionality can be blended with RPA solutions to speed work and improve accuracy. Better yet, the status of work and progress can be full instrumented, branded to customer or provider. Look at the options on our platform page

Advisory Services (Consulting, Strategy, Transformation)

Advisory Services providers are often at the center of change and exploration – analyzing data, developing strategies, designing epic transformations to financial systems, ERP, reorganizations, post-merger integrations.

Whatever the program, edgeCore stands out as both a proof of concept system and a scalable deployment and tracking. IT, boardroom, or business, advisors can bring the critical data onto a single pane of glass and enable customers and teams to see operations, status, and situations. With baselines and trial, progress is visible from the first project to full-scale operations. This is just the beginning of what can be instrumented for clients.

Cloud Services (App Transformation, Lift & Shift, Cloud Management)

Cloud Service providers have greatly diversified into public cloud, private cloud, hosted stacks that act like clouds and workloads have diversified into many different styles of deployments that range from Platforms as a Service that utilize the components of the provider. Other depend on the workload architecture of emulating virtual servers, to defining containers to micro-services architectures. Even specialized hardware can be engaged to deal with high performance applications. Composing and managing these environments land many organizations into using multiple tools and technologies to configure, monitor, and govern.

edgeCore customers are using our platform to create self-service capabilities, stitch together DevOps functions, and create holistic monitoring and consumption operations. edgeCore visualizes and manages what is happening in the moment while giving status of ongoing service levels and job-related schedules. Check out the broad areas of use cases below that can apply to all Cloud Services operations.

Call Centers (Customer Relationship Management)

Call Center service providers come in many forms: focused on service, sales, employees, IT, shared services, and IT Help Desks. Methods of contact, such as chat, video, audio, email via person-to-person, chatbot, or virtual agents greatly increase the systems and technology that need to come together with CRM  and Service Desk Systems.

edgeCore links together these multiple systems to bring further levels of consolidation and coordination above a single task level. Graphics, statistics, knowledge, and workflows are visible and actionable to the point where complex actions can be initiated in a self-service capability or by operators. Call Center providers can improve response time, handle time while increasing CSAT levels as customers and employees get what they need more quickly on the first try. Check out the varied uses cases below.

Bring Clarity and Results to These Operational Areas


in Technology Operations & Automation

Deliver Better Technology Service Management
Technology Business Management (TBM)
Common ITSM Processes
Service Level Management (SLM)
IT Asset Management & License Utilization
Automate and Augment More IT Operations
Artificial Intelligence for IT Ops (AIOps)
Job Scheduling & Workload Automation
DevOps & Cloud Management
Drive Better Performance in IT Transformation
Integrated CyberSecurity & Risk
Technology Migration & Modernization
Internet of Things (IoT)


in Enterprise Performance
& Compliance

Gain Real-Time Context in The Boardroom
Decision Support Systems (DSS)
Enterprise Performance Management
Real-time Financial Reporting
Navigate Business Change with Speed & Results
Merger, Acquisition & Divestiture
Enterprise Program Management Office
Vendor & Supplier Management
Empower Workforce Performance & Compliance
Employee Engagement & Team Metrics
Resource Utilization & Fairness
Data & Analytics Compliance

Edge_Implementation Services

in Business Operations &

Increase Operational Efficiency & Excellence
Financial Processing
Customer Relationship Management
Supply Chain Management
Accelerate Automation & Intelligence
Business Process Management (BPM)
Robotic Process Automation (RPA)
Applied AI & Data Science
Improve Operational Technology & Support
Operational Technology Management
Operational Support Systems
Field Services Management

Success Stories

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Performance Mgmt.

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