HI-PIC Innovation Campus

Grand Opening
August 25th, 2022
Honolulu, Hawaii

This August edgeTI is attending the grand opening ceremony of the Hawaii Pacific Innovation Center 

The Hawai’i Pacific Innovation Campus (HI-PIC) brings together partners from government, industry, and academia to tackle mission critical national security problems by accelerating the transition of emerging and disruptive technologies to the warfighter.

Located in the Kapalama neighborhood of Honolulu, the HI-PIC provides extensive lab, work, meeting, and presentation space and is a premier gathering place for government, industry, and academic collaboration.

About HI-PIC

The Hawai’i-Pacific Innovation Campus (HI-PIC) serves as a central gathering place in Hawai’i for technology innovation in the Federal and State Government, Commercial, Academic, and Defense Sectors.

HI-PIC leverages subject matter experts and a national ecosystem of labs and resources to integrate technology into operationally relevant environments faster, and at scale. By linking subject matter experts (SMEs) across the globe to market-ready ideas, the HI-PIC provides a holistic view of the market and aids with operationalizing innovative ideas and concepts.

The HI-PIC assists Native Hawaiian Organizations (NHOs) and other small businesses by identifying national security applications for their technologies. Through public-private partnerships, the HI-PIC facilitates the development of the technology and innovation base by supporting the expansion of a local Science & Technology (S&T) workforce. The HI-PIC also brings cutting-edge technology partners to Hawai’i and aligns local talent with potential employers to address critical State, Federal, and Defense requirements.

In support of USARPAC, HI-PIC advances and accelerates innovative concepts and emerging technologies to address critical INDOPACOM and Army Warfighter requirements. The HI-PIC is comprised of the US Army Pacific’s Processing, Exploitation and Dissemination Center (PACPED) and the Advanced Innovation Center, a multi-use facility where Government, Industry, and Academia converge in a Private-Public partnership to identify mature technologies, assess them for operational utility, and rapidly integrates them into USARPAC and INDOPACOM formations.

HI-PIC Approach to Practical Innovation

The HI-PIC identifies and assesses innovative concepts and emerging, enabling, disruptive technologies to address urgent needs and requirements.

HI-PIC Approach to Practical Innovation

Army efforts at the Advanced Innovation Center are currently focused on addressing Warfighter gaps related to Seeing/Sensing/Understanding, Artificial Intelligence/Machine Learning, and Resilient Long-Range Communications.

In FY22 alone, this effort will have allowed USARPAC to Scout 52 promising technologies, perform 19 Technical Assessments, and complete 14 of Operational Validation evolutions in the field with Joint/Army units.

There are currently six mature commercially available technologies that have advanced through the Technical Capability Test phase of the Assessment cycle and will be ready for Field Assessment/Operational Validation with deployed units West of the IDL in FY23.

The FY23 Field Assessment and Operational Validation Plan expands Multi-Domain Operations focused experimentation in the Pacific to 17 Field Assessments, 9 Operational Validations, and 15 Full Spectrum Sensor-to-Shooter validations.

Functional Lines of Effort

Operational Validation

Building Partner Capacity

Workforce Development

Hawai’i Engagement

External Engagement

Expanding Innovation in the Pacific

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