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Governments, both National and Regional work with edgeTI within multiple industries. While many customers started in IT Service Management and Network Operations Centers, many enterprises are aiming our capabilities at business operations and corporate performance.

Government Benefits and Opportunities

National Governments

National Government

All national governments of size face significant challenges in digitizing operations and creating the transparent coordination that is needed among citizens, legislatures, and the multiple operating agencies with their unique responsibilities.

Regardless of the function, edgeCore drives clarity and coordination between government operations to include automation in both augmented and unattended forms. edgeCore can address detailed business operations, technical operations, and executive operations. Check out the opportunity areas below for Government Functions and Operations below.

Regional Government (State, Province, County, Parish, City)

Regional Government

Regional and local governments of major metro areas can be equally complex as National components as many regions must execute and deliver the national policy. In is not uncommon for regional governments to support multiple departments and be held to the same levels of transparency as their national counterparts; yet may have several overs seeing chairs and committees.

edgeCore has distinguished itself in this capacity for some of the world’s largest environments with one group supporting the technology needs of more than 50 agencies. edgeCore is able to fulfill service requests while assuring uptime. edgeCore improves visibility into any area by fusing data from multiple systems into cohesive contextual views that show what is going on
right now and what might be future issues. Seeing issues in advance and acting on them avoid problems in the future.

Human Services (Health, Welfare, Housing, Support)

Human Services

COVID-19 has turned most human services organizations on their heads. While we struggle, so much has been learned. One of the world’s largest metro areas, stressed early in the crisis was able to keep multiple human services and other partners informed through the crisis. Whether it is visualizing infection rates and correlating these to case work, landing these geographically is a huge assistance to first responders and those managing operations

We can visualize the interrelationships between systems and groups at technology and business layers. edgeCore is able to integrate a multitude of technologies into cohesive views.

Emergency Services (E911, Crisis Coordination, Emergency Management)

Emergency Services

Having multiple different monitoring solutions, reporting tools, social media feeds, video surveillance, inter-agency communication and dynamic weather (sometimes the source of a crisis) makes every situation more complicate than anyone wants. When it comes to effectively managing assets, equipment or people’s lives, organizations must have confidence in their ability to respond and take action and coordinate across business, industry, and first responders.

edgeTI provides a unique Connected Intelligence platform for Crisis Event Management, disaster response, and end-to-end emergency communication. From first responders in the field to leadership in the situation room, edgeCore gives rapid access to relevant intelligence from multiple different data sources and feeds – allowing personnel to make the right decisions when it matters most regardless of channel or technology.

Defense (Military Command, Joint Forces)


Defense and military organizations are challenged by ever-broadening threats from technology, cyber, to now even space while maintaining the readiness of officers and members. Working with government oversight and contractors pose additional challenges and complexity.

In multiple situations form technology to command to strategic initiatives, edgeCore has distinguished itself in its ability to address multiple information types and have them make sense to those who need to act and decide next steps.

Government Systems Integrators

Government Systems

Government solutions and the nature of procurement regulation pose unique challenges to integrators in that they often have to openly compete and do R&D in front of agencies looking for solutions or talking over existing situations.

Working with the world’s largest integrators we know their greatest risk is all the thing they have to connect to and the certification and accreditation that they must undergo to operate and pass audits.  edgeCore has undergone several audits and the platforms inherent security capabilities make it a popular choice.

Bring Clarity and Results to These Operational Areas


in Technology Operations & Automation

Deliver Better Technology Service Management
Technology Business Management (TBM)
Common ITSM Processes
Service Level Management (SLM)
IT Asset Management & License Utilization
Automate and Augment More IT Operations
Artificial Intelligence for IT Ops (AIOps)
Job Scheduling & Workload Automation
DevOps & Cloud Management
Drive Better Performance in IT Transformation
Integrated CyberSecurity & Risk
Technology Migration & Modernization
Internet of Things (IoT)


in Enterprise Performance
& Compliance

Gain Real-Time Context in The Boardroom
Decision Support Systems (DSS)
Enterprise Performance Management
Real-time Financial Reporting
Navigate Business Change with Speed & Results
Merger, Acquisition & Divestiture
Enterprise Program Management Office
Vendor & Supplier Management
Empower Workforce Performance & Compliance
Employee Engagement & Team Metrics
Resource Utilization & Fairness
Data & Analytics Compliance

Edge_Implementation Services

in Business Operations &

Increase Operational Efficiency & Excellence
Financial Processing
Customer Relationship Management
Supply Chain Management
Accelerate Automation & Intelligence
Business Process Management (BPM)
Robotic Process Automation (RPA)
Applied AI & Data Science
Improve Operational Technology & Support
Operational Technology Management
Operational Support Systems
Field Services Management

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