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Whether you are a global business, local government, military command, or a service provider, you are an enterprise with a leadership team or command structure that is chartered or driven towards goals, objectives, and strategies. While technology has become part of every operation, the way they are connected and exposed to leadership teams leaves many gaps. And we know bad perception leads to bad decisions and the rare lucky break. More and more customers are using edgeCore™ platforms to see clearly, make better decisions, rally progress, and drive competitive advantage with visualization intelligence and automation.

Improve Awareness and Decisions

The Executive Information System (EIS), a precursor to Decision Support Systems (DSS), has been the great promise of IT for four decades and Enterprise Resource Planning (ERP) systems. Over time, the words and abilities to create them have changed with Digital Dashboards and Business Intelligence software. CIO Magazine’s Thor Olafsrud explains the topic and opportunity. Customers are finding edgeCore to be an ideal alternative due to its ability to not require a persistent data store and ability to relay and automate responses from its Single Point of Control interfaces amidst robust role and context-based security.

It is one thing to set the plan for the enterprise and another to link and track progress in real time. Gartner defines Enterprise Performance Management (EPM) as the process of monitoring performance across the enterprise with the goal of improving business performance. EPM integrates and analyzes data from many sources, including, but not limited to, e-commerce systems, front-office and back-office applications, data warehouses and external data sources. New opportunities in this field are the ability to orchestrate automation and relay data between systems to keep even the systems on the same page. edgeCore is able to interact with cloud-based programs such as Anaplan too, which was named a leader by Forrester in a 2016 Wave Report.

You ever try to drive your car on a freeway at full speed in reverse through the rear-view mirror. Sounds preposterous, but for years business and even trading followed this practice. In the instrumented enterprise, it is possible to connect multiple outputs and review real-time progress and leading indicators which may exist in other systems. Customers use edgeCore to bring financial reporting and operational data together to aid decision making and track events.

Navigate Business Change with Speed and Results

Change is inevitable in any enterprise. Organizations may shed operations, closing them down or spinning them out to become their own firms. Mergers and acquisitions along with government efforts that consolidate agencies can wreak havoc on systems and data. The quest to be more efficient, eliminate duplication, and create agility drives most of these decisions. While it is easy to imagine, make the change and communicate efforts, months of resources and dollars are spent on building and executing transition plans. It is possible to derisk many of the integration efforts by using edgeCore to drive faster transition. Customers have been using edgeCore to fuse information processes rather that rip and replace systems.

If you are an executive or run a program office, you are more than familiar with the multitude of updates and labor spent in creating briefings and status information. Weekly updates overwhelm and do not necessarily surface information requiring action, and deep dive reviews are held less often do to congested cycle times. EPMO integrators have used edgeCore to create rich visualization and task reporting of composite programs to unify reviews and conduct deep dives through a single system. Additionally, business goals, financial progress and technical issues are consolidated into a single cohesive framework. From home grown databases to Microsoft Enterprise Project, edgeCore has been able to improve success rate and get everyone on the same pane. This EPMO article by Moira Alexander in CIO magazine, defines the new opportunities that are enabled by edgeCore.

Managing Suppliers and Vendors can be impacted by the prior two activities when this process operates silos by business function or as composite vendor management group. Performance is sacrificed when consumers of services are on an island (diminishing buying power) or when consumers are omitted from the buying process (reselection of poorly performing vendors). edgeCore has been able to bring these functions of consumers and negotiators together.  In the case of suppliers operating in a program or multiples, task performance can be logged and retained for review. Vendor management can have result data on hand and reward suppliers that deliver on time and on budget with more business or renewals.  During times of merger and acquisition, edgeCore can bring competing suppliers onto a single interface to minimize confusion and alleviate the pressure of having to terminate and consolidate to a single supplier during transition.

Empower Workforce Performance and Compliance

Team performance studies such as “Nine Lies About Work”, have put a spotlight on engagement in the workplace. These studies have identified what drives engagement in this modern world. HR programs and systems such as Glint, acquired by LinkedIn, put a focus on employee engagement and empowering workers to engage and do their own career mapping. edgeCore can visualize these metrics and tie them to activities and data that is trapped in systems.  E.g. the team that has had high turnover and low engagement as well as poor performance started with a leader change.

From a different perspective, studies of resource utilization often reveal that by distribution, initiative, or selection, work is unevenly distributed between resources across organizations. Being able to see the resources and work opportunities from selection and completion are important. Much like the ball field, captains will pick those they trust, like, and perform well. Being able to see patterns such as the Google studies on team dynamics, we can balance underutilized assets to shadow and grow team to raise performance, contribution, and organizational scale. edgeCore can visualize this core data. With future AI we can identify bias and patterns as well.

The last organizational element is abiding by regional and global standards for use of information that is personally identifiable, protected or even sensitive. Without clear compliance and well stated protection, many data owners and privacy officers are unwilling to bring data together. edgeCore data prep and presentation capabilities to omit, obscure, and detect sensitive information assure privacy officers that information is handled and protected. New features in satellite data models also allow better management of retention points. (e.g. Country sensitive data stays in country)

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