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edgeTI works with large global and regional businesses that operate in multiple industries. While many customers started in IT Service Management and Network Operations Centers, many enterprises are aiming our capabilities at business operations and corporate performance.

Opportunities and Benefits for Enterprise Businesses

Financial Services (Banking, Insurance, Brokerage)

Imagine the efficiency gains for Banking and Financial Services institutions working from a single pane of glass that pulls together the information on business, markets, technology, and customers. edgeCore improves visibility into key services and revenue-critical applications, while overseeing internal user and customer transactions. Clear correlations can be seen between performance metrics, business impact, and customer experience.

From clarity and correlations, automation both augmented and unattended can be woven into business processes, IT operations or even performance reporting. edgeCore is open and connected to link Business, Technology, & Boardroom. Check out the opportunity areas below for Enterprise Business

Healthcare (Provider, Pharmaceutical, Medical Devices, Health Insurance)

Among the complex ecosystem of healthcare in any region,  the interactions are nearly as complicated and financial services (perhaps even more) given the systems of reimbursements and multiple ways to consume and pay for medical services and technologies. Imagine the efficiency gains within any element of healthcare when managers and practitioners are working from unified point of view based on context.

edgeCore improves visibility into any area of healthcare delivery by fusing data from multiple systems into cohesive contextual views that show what is going on right now and what might be future issues. Seeing issues that need resolving as well as seeing future issues allow us to solve the current and avoid problems in the future.

Technology (Software, Hardware, Things, Sensors)

The technology industry is one of the primary reasons for edgeCore to exist. For so many customers we are the glue that builds cohesive solutions and at the same time we are able to make most technology companies products look better, connect better with their users, and solve key problems of bridging between multiple release and editions.

Whether it is software or SaaS, hardware or appliances, things and sensors as part of the Internet of Things  (IoT). We can visualize the interrelations between other systems that make up solutions for business and technical services. As some will say they have seen it all, edgeCore has integrated it all. Look at the options on our platform page

Manufacturing (Durables, Consumables)

Manufacturers are leaders in process sciences. Managing flow, working out defects, driving efficiency.  Internet of Things (IoT) and robotics offer manufacturers new choices. Because of IoT, the instrumentation and technology sensing in our products adds data and communication challenges as masses of data can feed their health back to manufacturing or facilitate remote diagnostics.

While the things we make are getting smarter, the standards upon which they are built change rapidly and it is not uncommon to find multiple similar standards in play that do not have the same data structures, communications and control systems. edgeCore can help because it isolates that acquisition and manipulation of data from visualization so you could build a common control that supports legacy systems. This is just the beginning of what can be instrumented for manufacturers.

Media & Hospitality (Entertainment, Hotel, Theme Parks)

Who would have thought that media and hospitality industries would become so intermingled between producing content, distributing it, then linking it with theme parks, resorts and cruise ships? 

The multiple integrations and divestitures in this industry and perhaps your own enterprise is like have three tools for everything. Having just put together multiple companies, few people want to spent capital on unifying all the systems and the data. edgeCore is great at optimizing connections and data and bring them together under a single view operationally in IT Operation or Business Operations. These capabilities accelerate integration and provide better ways to manage technical debt.

Online & Brick-and-Mortar Retail

All retail is very dynamic. Customers, lifetime buyers, acquisition strategies, supply chain, retention, customer support,… Customer expectations in this present digital world is all about enabling and informing customers – they want to see the merchandise, know how to get it,  know where to find it, watch its progress from pick at a warehouse to delivering it to our door. These are just physical products. The same expectations apply to soft goods like, media, services, and software.

Small or large, today’s retailers have lots of tools, many of which are SaaS that do integrate to move the work quickly. Yet, they do not build cohesive visualizations of what is going where. edgeCore focuses on getting the information in whatever form exists in and putting it on a Single Pane of Glass so people can make better decisions. While retail has been forced to go digital far earlier than other industries there are great opportunities to build agility to address trends and events in the world to maximize sales.

Bring Clarity and Results to These Operational Areas


in Technology Operations & Automation

Deliver Better Technology Service Management
Technology Business Management (TBM)
Common ITSM Processes
Service Level Management (SLM)
IT Asset Management & License Utilization
Automate and Augment More IT Operations
Artificial Intelligence for IT Ops (AIOps)
Job Scheduling & Workload Automation
DevOps & Cloud Management
Drive Better Performance in IT Transformation
Integrated CyberSecurity & Risk
Technology Migration & Modernization
Internet of Things (IoT)


in Enterprise Performance
& Compliance

Gain Real-Time Context in The Boardroom
Decision Support Systems (DSS)
Enterprise Performance Management
Real-time Financial Reporting
Navigate Business Change with Speed & Results
Merger, Acquisition & Divestiture
Enterprise Program Management Office
Vendor & Supplier Management
Empower Workforce Performance & Compliance
Employee Engagement & Team Metrics
Resource Utilization & Fairness
Data & Analytics Compliance

Edge_Implementation Services

in Business Operations &

Increase Operational Efficiency & Excellence
Financial Processing
Customer Relationship Management
Supply Chain Management
Accelerate Automation & Intelligence
Business Process Management (BPM)
Robotic Process Automation (RPA)
Applied AI & Data Science
Improve Operational Technology & Support
Operational Technology Management
Operational Support Systems
Field Services Management

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